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Mōhâmèď Fásįł 1m
hi After the recent update in my i am facing some severe issues like network connectivity and charging errors and some applications won't even work on the phone and phone is more likely to hang. And I've also facing lagging issue.
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🇮🇳Mohammad Adnan 🇮🇳 Nov 9
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Why is is not supported to
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Bijoyislam90 Nov 7
Replying to @atytse @RedmiIndonesia
fix first for Screen lag and battery drain
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Sarath Chandra 2h
My has became extremely slow after update.. it has 6gb ram. It started hanging only after the update
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Rudhra Nandu Nov 10
Replying to @frankie_tech
I think that is right!
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Nitin kumar Nov 8
Replying to @miuirom
Tell a single device that received these feature in not received in my . You are fake bro
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after install miui 11 version battery drain out fast and heating issues continues..please help
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Siddharth Roy Nov 6
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Hasibul Islam 23h
🌛🌜🖤 Shot on
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shrikant sali 4h
whene will we get android 10 for
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Harshal Tembhurne Nov 6
Hope to see Android 10 roll out on soon...
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Gaurav Nov 7
Got Twitter app update on and . Now the app supports lights out theme.
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Gagan Chiitkara Nov 6
Replying to @atytse @miuirom
Why not Android 10? It was your flagship and now you are treating it as a mid-range device - the reason why Mi is not leading the flagship category despite having great phones. FYI, One plus 3, released in June 2016, is also running on Android Pie. I think can do better.
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Ujwal Sharma Nov 6
MIUI 11 is smooth . Successfully updated on my .
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Frankie Herrera Nov 10
Replying to @RODENT950
Haha! Yeah sorry total slip there haha, guess I’ve been reading to many Poco F2 tweets recently 😂
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Bobby Adusumilli Nov 7
Lost trust in it's better u stepdown. Don't u guys check before releasing an update? What the hell Money money money money That's what u all guys do by cheating consumers. No proper response, buggy updates. performance is weakened to increase sales of others
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Replying to @cmanmohan
Why is not supported for new in ??
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Computer Kadhalan 23m
If it's not like then no use..
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Dinesh gupta 2h
is thebest mobile Can we expect poco F2 or mimix Alpha
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