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Gibran Ashraf Sep 20
Replying to @salmansid
Our very own
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Marianna Spring Sep 19
Replying to @mariannaspring
Whilst some of those attending may have legitimate concerns about the impact of restrictions, signs are promoting a number of false and unfounded claims! That includes: ▪️Covid is a hoax ▪️No to microchips in mandatory vaccines ▪️QAnon and debunked
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(((evan shapiro))) Sep 12
is not child porn. It's commentary AGAINST sexualizing young girls. NONE of those angry @ this movie have seen it. Nor what their own kids do on . This "controversy" has been seeded by conspiracists who want to create a new . SEE: .
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Hal Sparks Sep 14
Jeffrey Epstein’s Hunting Buddy sends code to his “supporters”
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