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Ramone and Alexandra Trammell Aug 12
New authors new to Twitter 👋🏼 hoping to connect to others in the before 😅
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Jean-Maré Gagliardi 5h
who’s participating in upcoming Sep 3rd? do you write your pitches the morning of or plan it in advance?
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C. D'Angelo, Author 14h
Guess what is happening in exactly 3 weeks. ! Writers who want to publish and have their MS ready can pitch and send their items to interested pros. It works! It’s how I got a contract and how I’ve helped others get theirs. Give it a try!
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Debbie Ellis 5h
Who is looking forward to ? What are you pitching?
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Mia Tsai Aug 10
Hey BIPOC/LGBTQIA friends! Are you getting ready for ? ? Querying? Do you need eyeballs on your queries, synopses, and pages? We at are ready to help YOU out. I've put together a small team of editors and alums to give you feedback. 1/?
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Allegra 🦋 Aug 6
4 books, a bunch of rejections (too many to count!), a pitch contest or several, and 4 offers of rep later, I'm really happy to announce I've signed with Paige Terlip () and Laura Rennert () for my v gay v sad urban fantasy. Thanks :)
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Mariah Deitrick Aug 10
Only 25 days left until .
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Jessica 2h
I just realized this is the first time I have a manuscript ready in time for . If anyone has any pitch writing resources they’d be willing to share, I’d appreciate it!
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HD Ⓥ (he/him) 13h
This is the one that did it! S/o and . I'm now represented by at . So grateful for her vision. We finna get to work on bringing y'all Zay, Feven, Kenny, and a story that rarely gets told ✨
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Marcus Bines Aug 12
Replying to @JimMcCarthy528
I combine QT with agency websites and any clues on Twitter (e.g. their listing). Some people have had success at getting agents' attention through Twitter pitch events like and , but I think it's rare.
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Pitch Wars 7h
Congratulations on the success!!! 🎉🎉🎉
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James Emmi Aug 12
Replying to @Alex_Fedderly
That said, I do like having it as a tool for things like and
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Kathryn Beck 12h
Replying to @CDAngeloAuthor
Getting ready to try for the first time. Bought your book and had to start revising (pretty much everything 😬)
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Jason Dodge Aug 12
Really excited for and ! I'm already working on those tweets.
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Mackenzie Littledale, writer Aug 11
Replying to @RachelGlickler
I tried 2 years ago. Pitched to crickets. I got mentored thru in 2019, 4 agent likes went nowhere. Worked on the MS a bit more. Pitched again June 4 Pitmad and had 14 likes which turned into 2 offers. Lots of help along the way.
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Nadia Ali Aug 7
is on Thursday Sept 3rd, 2020 (8AM – 8PM EST) Pitch your manuscript on Twitter (PB, MG, YA, adult)
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Sarah Nicolas 🏳️‍🌈 Aug 11
Do you have any publishing related questions today? I'm working on a big project today, but I'm also trying to do the so I'll take my breaks to answer any questions tonight! I'm happy to talk about writing, querying, , , or author websites
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Mariah Deitrick Aug 11
24 days until .
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Pitch Wars Aug 12
Sign up anytime between now and 8/17! Note: At times of high traffic, the rafflecopter may take a little while to load.
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James Keller 2h
Replying to @jeanmare_gag
I am. I have a cyberpunk version of James Bond...if James Bond was an Irish woman instead of a british man. I'll work on the pitch. But, I aim to have a draft ready for .
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