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Keith Kennedy Apr 18
Anyone out there know when the next Twitter pitch event is happening?
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Julia Colbourn🖋📚📷🐎✈🌏 Apr 16
I know it's way too early, but I'm away for most of May. Hoping to do in June for the first time. Never done it before. Any tips?
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Henry Antenor Apr 24
Honestly, I'm pretty excited for in June. I've watched 3 of them pass me by because I wasn't ready. I'll be ready this time. >8^)
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Louise Black Apr 22
So excited to have signed with the wonderful at ! Huge thanks to the community, the lovely , and my amazing writer friends, and , who encouraged me to throw myself into !
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Jennifer Savran Kelly Apr 24
Replying to @maureen_moretti
Thank you for ❤️ing my tweet, ! I currently have a query out to another agent at P.S. Literary (requested from ), so I assume I should wait to hear a response from her before sending you a query?
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Lauren Accardo Apr 16
Replying to @brendadrake @evascalzo
Thank you so much, Brenda! Happy to be a success story 😊
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Ashley THX-1138 Apr 23
OK, so it's been over 10 years, traditional querying has gotten me nowhere, and have gotten me nowhere...At what point should I just give up on trying to be a real writer?
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Lauren Accardo Apr 20
Replying to @RonMcGaw100
My only piece of advice is to enter the Twitter pitch contests. I connected with my agent through ! I never thought it would lead to this but now I’m a believer. Good luck to you!!
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Trisha Kelly Apr 23
Replying to @ChristaHeschke
Hi Christa! Thanks for the ❤️ ! I do believe you already requested to see the query (PRUE LATHAM AND THE WOLVES OF HALLOWSTOWN) last - would you like me to resend or hang tight for the moment? Thank you!
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LeslieKain-Author 2h
When is the next ? Thanks!
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Pitch Wars Apr 18
🎊So thrilled for and agent ! 🎊 We love a success story. 💙
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Victoria Loder, Agent 3h
Replying to @PIXY727
Have you done ?
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Joshua Aaron Crook 🖤🍓☁ 20h
Is it called because you pitch, get a like from an agent, never hear from them again, and get mad?
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Dave.Walbridge Apr 24
My second book "blimp factory on the moon" (the first "the pope in space") has been delayed . this gives me more time to finish the third book in the trilogy "The Monkey Space Pirates of doom in the case of the missing suitcase of gold adventure!"
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Meredith Loughran 5h
For information about June 6 and other future dates
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Louise Black Apr 21
Yes, go for it! I found my agent through the last too. It’s wonderful!
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Kristen Howe is hitting the slopes in #CampNano Apr 24
SCANDAL X TRY NOT TO BREATHE X COLD GIRL Before Diana could stop Canada from going into a civil war, she discovers someone has committed high treason. While her own life remains in peril, she learns who funded the hit on PM Tattersall & the "Quexit" plot.
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Mer Brebner Apr 24
Replying to @blerdgirlblue
I did 3.5 years ago? On a TOTAL WHIM. I only had a half dozen agents bite, and no one requested a full, but I got A LOT of amazing feedback from two of them about why they weren't requesting, and how I could work on the beginning. (The beginning SUCKED and I knew it.) ❤️
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🎮Hanley Brady🐱 Apr 24
Replying to @JennieGoloboy
Joining writing groups--meetups, online seminars, , and joining the community (initially--branched out into tohers later on). My local meetup group was amazing and the weekly meetings were great. Eventually I had to go solely online bc of my work schedule
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Victoria Loder, Agent 5h
Replying to @CailaAttleya
That would fall under .
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