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Michele Horton West 5h
Replying to @ThankYouKatey
At least she has on a shirt.
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Pooks Aug 20
Here’s the thing if u try to tell the general population how to live based of facts that don’t directly affect them and their daily routine of being sacs of shit you’ll get zero out of it
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CC Aug 16
Me too 😂😂 weathers too shitty to do owt else. Jakes having a PJ day 😂 no point in arguing with him as we’re not going anywhere xx
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Drunken Progressive Aug 16
Replying to @devourfoods
Wow, a lot of white people in here getting mad on behalf of the people they fucked over.
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Kathy M 5h
Replying to @shansoup @Mel72609
It’s just hair. If she wants to have some fun and express herself, there is no harm in that. It will grow out. Thankfully there is very little we can do with our hair that is permanent. Let her have fun and save the fight for important stuff.
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Melissa Aug 15
8 hasn’t showered in I’m not sure how many days (unless the ocean counts) if you’re wondering how my parenting is going.
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Makale Honogsblum Aug 15
"If you treat every single trump thing as this big outrage in the world than nothing is an outrage." -
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❄️Evelyn🌞Shelton🌈 Aug 19
🤦‍♀️ sometimes ... I wish... I were from... another state.
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Dee Collins Aug 15
Here is my $2.50 on the Jay-Z & the NFL Deal.....
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Bullverine Aug 14
Sigh... if a written work counters my entrenched opinion, it’s not worth reading. Look, it bothers me that Comey hurt Hillary’s campaign, too— but to call him out ON THIS TWEET? Weak, Jean. Weak.
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Lᴇɴᴇɪᴋᴀ Aug 14
Let no one ruin your vibe today. The matador wins by avoiding the bull not colliding with it.
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A.L.Wyss Aug 20
This ❤️ Sometimes, getting the last word just isn’t worth it...🐷
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Gina Valley Aug 21
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Brittney Villeda Aug 17
Hot dogs and popsicles for breakfast number 2 in this household this morning🤦🏽‍♀️
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Alt Stanley Aug 18
Replying to @RashidaTlaib
Picking a fight with a comedian seems a rather foolish thing to do - actually, it seems like something tRump would do.
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Sisekho_iGorhakazi Aug 15
There are people who are genuinely enjoying their lives. If you can, choose to be one of them.
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Marc 21h
Replying to @IlovebeinBlack
Not a worthy fight at all! 🤣
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Dangling Left Aug 14
Replying to @lfwons_eka
He didn't think you were weak...he was checking out your ass. Chew on that! btw...I hold the door open as a courtesy to men, women and yes...elderly people who might be "weak" or not.
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Non't Aug 18
What would it be like to complain about spending 300k for a new house? I’d happily pay double that (and I did) for an older house in a developed neighborhood with some land.
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Cavesha Rampersad Aug 13
Pick your battles, not every battle is meant to be fought.
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