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LJ Nov 25
Replying to @tufts_rick @sahouraxo
Correct was & still is a complete fraud but need to be aware not in real time & fabricated top to bottom cast and Our government & political leadership are brought to us the same way & why these frauds continue & go unpunished.
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LJ Mar 27
Replying to @JLyn71
#1 Crisis Actor a misnomer, these events have created characters via the REAL People used to create characters do not have to make an actual physical appearance. #2 still & video bringing us #3 The real people are OK
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LJ Mar 30
communist/nazi party still claiming as a reality with irrefutable identification of the people the turned into characters via They need to go to prison
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LJ Nov 10
Images created Eastern Standard Time: Metadata/History change Eastern Daylight Time Computer graphics Created 2013:04:15 13:48:50-05:00 Metadata/Hx 2013:04:15 16:02:27-04:00
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LJ Nov 20
Noah Pozner he was created via using the Australian nephews of the real life woman they used to create Veronique Pozner <click Lenny Pozner the character a created domestic terrorist
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