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Beech 9h
And only an absolute ignoramus like would take the Economic Club of NY hostage today with his stupid false proclamations about his daughter creating 14 million jobs, every consumer has $10k more in household income & climate change is a hoax.
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ShakaWalker Nov 10
You can't be and
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Mr. Miller 6h
Got to sell those books
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@GoodJuJu 16h
So she photoshopped the magazine cover. I see no reason to believe she didn't do the same thing with all those Instagram photos of her with Clinton, Madeline Albright, etc al.
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It's easy to call on God and not B sincere about the Calling.Why not discuss the issue of Reparations from your perspective of what U believe God would accept.Or RU2 rooted in what CANDACE THINKS?WE hope U cover God in your book if He's really in your heart. ?
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Anthony chimenti Nov 11
Replying to @ananavarro
Why CNN even pays you is beyond me. You are unwatchable.
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Tom Wehrheim Nov 11
Replying to @thehill
And you weren’t there.
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Jessi Calynn 19h
Hi ! I already know what your real account is on IG, but because follows this other account, we just wanted to know if you run this one too, or if it's just some phony like we all suspect.
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ShenikaMarie Nov 10
People who aren’t Saints fans be dying for the Saints to lose !
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Utsav 16h
so, just found out you guys delete reviews too. Is that why you brought in the short AI reviews? Thanks to your patronage to terrible eateries, it perpetuates the vicious cycle of the Indian consumer tolerating bad service or bad quality food.
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Star Anise 15h
Replying to @Complex
Kanye and Joel Osteen are two of the most church adjacent people on the planet. ! 🙅🏻‍♀️
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Katie Lehr 9h
Have six children? Maybe eight?
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JillJoAnne USA Nov 10
is a and a pompous Ars in my opinion!
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Ted Lover Nov 10
If a Democrat ever questioned the credibility of a decorated war veteran the way you just did (“I don’t know (if he’s credible)”), you’d want his or her head on a spike!!
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Nicole Nov 10
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
Does the NYT list negate the purchases made by the RNC to falsely inflate your sale numbers?
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Alex Gornick 22h
Replying to @BeauMichael7
True Christmas lovers would get a real tree.
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Crooked Ivanka 16h
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Candice in FL 21h
Replying to @DiamondandSilk
There is NO whistle blower. ALL made up. Poor chump. All made up in order to question others in that room during that phone call.
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World Nov 11
tossing a load of bull 💩 from the left as always. Those that can't teach Bobby Boy you and Liz W are prime examples. I am not jealous of those who have taken a chance, worked hard and attained what we all dream about why are you??
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igglefan1959 Nov 11
Fame and fortune may reveal the social oddities of the soul. Money makes people think they are actually important...and therefore believe THEIR views are correct. Until suggested otherwise.
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