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Shark NewsWires 14h
Replying to @SharkNewsWires
Peru Earthquake update : Police evacuate police station in Yurimaguas as 8.0 Earthquake strikes. Lots of damage reported in the area. Video Credit : KatherineC2
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Fritchit 14h
2:41am in Iquitos. Power outage and street video.
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The Weather Channel 11h
A magnitude 8.0 shook overnight.
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Falken Tech 15h
Strongest of the year magnitude 8.0 strikes in a rural area of Peru. The earthquake has been felt across hundreds of miles.
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Sending all my prayers to my brothers and sisters! I hope this tradegy passes fast, hoping and praying for everyone to stay safe!
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News flash 12h
Shocking photos released after a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit North .
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CNW 10h
Moment the magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck at a bar in Amazonas, Peru
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DD Choudhury 🇮🇳 13h
A strong 8.0-earthquake struck northern on Sunday, sending residents fleeing from their homes. Stay safe amigos.
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Joshua Brunken 10h
Surprised a 8.0 earthquake isn't a trending topic on Twitter or is there so many earthquakes in diverse places nowadays no one notices.
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Sotiri Dimpinoudis 14h
Replying to @SergioPaulTandz
: Just in - Pictures coming out from when a 8.0 Magnitude shook north of the country showing damage. Picture Credit:
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James Reynolds 16h
Massive in just now, M8.0 at depth of 70+ miles / 100+km. Hoping the rather remote location and little bit of depth has kept any damage in nearest towns to a minimum. Image via QuakeFeed app
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TaeSty💜 15h
I hope you are all safe there PERU ARMYs, please be safe with your families!
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ketulkumar 15h
Replying to @bomberosPE
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Thomson Reuters Foundation News 14h
No initial reports of casualties or significant damage from powerful that struck northern on Sunday morning
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World Trending News 13h
A strong 8.0-earthquake struck northern on Sunday Video :-
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Daily Star 15h
Replying to @Daily_Star
Terrifying pictures emerging of collapsed buildings after world's BIGGEST earthquake in 2019 strikes
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RT 15h
Northern rocked by 8.0-magnitude earthquake – USGS
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~Marietta 9h
An 8.0 Earthquake in Peru Early This Morning, Collapsing Buildings & Knocking Out Power to Most Areas & Reports of Injuries. 🙏 No Tsunami Threat.
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Jason "Jay" R. Patton 13h
M 8.0 extensional near hinge in downgoing Nazca plate (bending moment?) Intermediate Depth widely felt with high probability of liquefaction (USGS) interpretive poster below, report to follow
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Tiffany Hahn 🌸 6h
Significant Earthquake in Northern Peru. Magnitude: 8.0 MWW Location: Lagunas, Peru Date: May 26, 2019 @ 12:41:14 AM (Today) Depth: 68.3 mi (+/- 2.9) Population within 60 mi: 102,303 Photos from various Twitter posts.
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