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Mr.Puff Nov 21
I really waste my time on the wrong females A LOT
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gibby espinoza Nov 22
Yesterday claimed that on Nov 2016 God rescued America from political corruption by giving us Trump. He said God is restoring wisdom and integrity to the office and hope in the nation. What planet is the dude on?! What nation is he talking about?!
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Juan Bad Hombre Nov 20
I thought I’d have granola with my yogurt for breakfast. Sat down to eat it and found a funny taste. Turned out it was sour cream. Getting old sucks.
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Justiceyes 24h
Donald will have no idea what that “scarlet P” reference is all about.
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T$ Nov 20
Replying to @ThatGuyBrandonn
🤦🏽‍♀️ kanye west homecoming day as in going home day aka chicago
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MamaResister 8h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Have you already forgotten about Puerto Rico and all the American citizens still suffering without power and clean water? Oh that’s right, they aren’t White so you don’t give a shit!
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bby.girl 14h
Welcome to relationships. If it’s too much of a chore to have someone in your life and actually care about them only means you honestly don’t deserve one.
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Mary 15h
Replying to @mitchellvii
So with your stupid to would have taken advantage of a troubled teen girl. Why? Because troubled teen girls deserve misery and men like YOU can provide them back of their pick-up trucks.
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LadyLiberty 23h
Good luck with that.
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LadyLiberty Nov 21
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
Enjoy The Impeachment.
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Cynical SpockGirl Nov 21
Dumbass Hannity is talking about the Trump piss tapes!! 😜 thinks they don’t exist!!
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Maria Guadalupe 🇨🇱 Nov 21
He thinks he's giving me a ultimatum 😂🖕🏼
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Moy 🤤 Nov 20
I guess I won’t be playing in the turkey bowl :(
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chilesrellenos🤘🏽 Nov 19
Replying to @crnkdatsoljaboi
You gotta look at the eagles record
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Young Ugly Javi 💀 Nov 19
I bet Trump spends more time on Twitter than he does on focusing on our country’s issues
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лиза / liza  ✝️ Nov 17
McCain formed ISIS - DUH. google it.
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Tap Nov 17
Why the Effff did you let the go then ?? brought the boom & set the tone! You! soft Elway!
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Belinda Nov 15
Is there a heaven?!?! If so they should totally have Twitter because I would love to know what thinks of what’s his name 🙄 because he is.
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Natali Trejo Nov 13
Luis' dumbass just asked me if whipped cream was dairy?
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El pariente 007🇨🇴 Nov 13
Si las cosas que valen la pena, fueran fáciles Cualquier las haría
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