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Occupy 4:20 Mar 16
would like to break this little girl in by raping her a**. Just beautiful, Disney.
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Alexis Kee Mar 18
People aren't noticing the full scale of the Storm because of the way they are strategically phasing it. If there was a mass arrest of every resigned CEO, every rapist, every congressman not seeking re-election - all at the sam
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#OnTheTT Mar 17
Deep down inside and all around her outside, feels threatened by the truth and awakened good people all around her. She must be having a hard time sleeping lately.
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vvaves [ŁTC] Mar 20
dropping carpet bombs on on the night of a full moon. How best to gauge/produce your enemy’s weakness? Knock them off balance.
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Thomasita Hackett ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mar 13
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
No Worries Mr President Good always wins over Evil! Thank you for exposing the corrupt Politicians and
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Bella ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mar 14
Lance Bass exposing Lou Pearlman for the pos pedo he was!! There is a reason why those Carter boys have had so many issues, his name is Lou!! Now if someone would just drop the bomb on Geffen!!
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DJ Mar 21
Replying to @Incarnated__ET @POTUS
They've kept us busy with entertainment, cellphones, cost of living out of control so we have to work 2 jobs, mind control MSM, etc. Thank God for and the White Hats of our military that have exposed the Darkness of their Corruption. is coming...
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Chad  Wensloff Mar 13
Replying to @Oprah @aliciakeys
Coincidentally a hit piece comes out about the same time your buddy is arrested for his sick crimes against children. backwards = Not fooling everyone
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Gen. Nathanael Greene Mar 20
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Punchy DeNiro IsAnAzzhat👊🇺🇸🌟🌟🌟🕆🇺🇸❤🇮🇱 Mar 17
Replying to @T_Ritious @POTUS
Completely agree! If it wasn't 4 his hatred of ... he wld have NO gig, NO voice... he wld continue 2 remain irrelevant & moot... his hatred is his schtick, the degenerate libs are his audience... sad!
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Marc Powerland 18h
"They drug me, make me wear this gay garb, then whore me out for the day ..."
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Awaken to MAGA Mar 21
Please retweet after voting. 🤔🤔🤔Awareness test🤔🤔🤔 Do you know about Jeffrey Epstein?
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Occupy 4:20 Mar 17
Replying to @karenricks
Michael Jackson was supposed to be the fall guy/sacrifice for ala Steven Spielberg and it didn't work. So, Levin, a huge gatekeeper and protector, is picking on his kids.
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V Mar 18
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Adult Film Star Mercedes Carrera, Producer Jason Whitney Charged with Sickening Child Sex Abuse
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Shnikes Mar 15
Replying to @DEADLINE
Leave it to to protect their own. Sad.
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ROB Mar 19
Question. If rich liberals can bribe college admission officers.... Isn't it likely Mexican Drug cartel's who think nothing of murdering cops & judges...and who make 100 billion a year could be bribing our politician's to keep the wall from being built?
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Paisley5150 Mar 21
Replying to @MeekMill
You mean the graveyard of all the children that and sacrifices for ???
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Simply the Best Mar 16
Why would anyone give any business?
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AlexTheGreat 8h
You gotta be shitting me. Cc:
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