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J V F 10h
Ann coulter is seriously WARPED!!! Her and Laura Ingram with her remarks likening these prisons to summer camp or boarding school. They both need a reality check and psych evals! Didn’t Ann also say the kids in were child actors
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Julieta Garibay 4h
Powerful leaders speak of truth of many years of fight by their ancestors and their commitment to continue fighting
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Keith Pantaleon Jun 17
Replying to @mediamonarchy
entrance in when no deputies went in to stop the murderer who will not be named. BTW it was 4 deputies not just one who refused to try and save those kids.
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Fuck Trump  Dammit! Jun 17
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Seraph Jane Jun 16
I love the children. I want the best for Chicago but you lie to the children You, and I...We know about Guatemala. I know Revolutionaries and I know Indians and the Indigenous of Guate say they hate Communists. They HATE Socialists. You ask them why
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Thomas Thorspecken Jun 16
The shooting of 17 students and teacher at parkland resulted in memorials similar to those that cropped up in Orlando after the massacre of 49 Orlando citizens.
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Jacob Long Jun 11
If you missed last night, do yourself a favor and watch the best part. The drama students from HS in singing RENT will give you all the Monday feels.
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Liberty Zabala Jun 10
Training Teachers to use firearms? took educators through a different kind of classroom after mass shootings at schools like the one in . I spoke with teachers on both sides of the issue on @ 6PM
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