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محمد ندیم ‏🇵🇰 8m
I Stand Beside State I Stand Beside their Decisions I Stand Beside their Precautions taken just for the peace of Pakistan. My PakArmy 🇵🇰 My Pride 🇵🇰 My Trust 🇵🇰 My Strength 🇵🇰
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Mirza Usman Iqbal 19m
Replying to @TalatHussain12
Prime example of “reciprocity” — keep defending each other...
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Muhammad Mobeen Ul Haq @PeaceActivist 15h
Replying to @SuddhanSadaf30
May Allah bless these children future and safe indeed...
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usman qureshi Nov 15
Replying to @Prayagwale @U1f4t
ok byy will talk to you again stay good
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Abid Mehmood 2h
Need Justice for affectees of DHA Valley Islamabad ... Give Justice to Oversease Pakistanis
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So It's Final 6th Team Of will be From ........ 🇵🇰
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Mirza Zeeshan Baig 1h
It can be easy to hear but it requires immense courage and extreme love of country to do what my brave "SSG captain" did.. We as a nation is in debt to these martyrs ... They r the real heroes..
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Asif 1h
"کہڑی ن لیگ؟؟؟" Mian Sahb expected statement in next hearing....
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Muhammad Mobeen Ul Haq @PeaceActivist Nov 13
Replying to @ZaidZamanHamid
We won't let anyone change this
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Baluchi nation is symbol of hospitality and traditions of love ,purity & warmth. 🇵🇰 🇵🇰
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Yamin 23h
Damn checked the score 20 minutes ago and it was 120-4, now 134-8!
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Mehshan Ali Nov 15
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doodle Nov 14
tech & govt have a responsibility to stop cyber crimes by identifying and treating it as threat & isolating threat @ heads up to 🇱🇷 defense & account of platform being used. its a perfect example actually of the problem.
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پاک سر زمین شاد باد🇵🇰1K Nov 14
Sis Thank you so much 😊and Really i like your Hard work Confidence
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UroojSayyami 4h
where love and affection for never go slow but boost up very high . This is love for which makes us bleed green . Senator Krishna Kumari and I joint hands together to show our love n respect for the country 🇵🇰💞
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Anamta Balouch 52m
PakArmy knows the best I stand beside their decisions insha'Allah Soon we will get rid of these Afghanis.... Allah Pakistan ko orr Pakistan Army ko Apny hifzoo amaan mn rakhyy🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰
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Anamta Balouch 37m
Believe Me..... This is Not aa Job This Is Called As Sacrifice. This is world best army This is Pakistan army 😍
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Tajalla 👰 19h
Pakistan 💚 The beautiful land of beautiful people ❤❤ Here are some mesmerizing clicks of Islamabad💋😍
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Trends.PK 20h
Joint Chief of Staff General Zubair Hayat has said that Pakistan has found huge gas reserves at the coast of
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