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in horror The Flaying of Marsyas is a painting by the Italian late Renaissance artist Titian 1570–1576 The painting shows the killing by flaying or skinning alive of Marsyas, a satyr who rashly challenged the god Apollo to a musical contest.
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in Saturn Devouring His Son is the name given to a painting by Spanish artist Francisco Goya 1819–1823 It depicts the Greek myth of the Titan Cronus (in the title Romanized to Saturn), who, fearing that he would be overthrown by one of his children
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Tradesmen Jobs Hang wallpaper Im sitting room.Hang wallpaper in sitting room..
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Angela Taylor Sep 22
yesterday morning worrying about a young fella top of 3rd floor ladder painting windows End of street at jct busy barrier no cones no second person The base in narrow road unprotected. Literally work till u drop🤢STOP67-75 &S
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Penny Hooper (AKA The Girl Who Whispered) Sep 19
So, my author interviews were pretty successful so far, which I'm very happy about. Would you guys like to read interviews from other artists? Painters? Actors? Filmmakers?
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BritishContemporary 10h
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Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland 8h
Today is the first day of autumn🍂 - a season often described as ‘golden’ in . We encourage you to look at how was portrayed by some of Poland’s 19th and 20th century 🎨.
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Arcticfox 🍃💚🍃 Sep 21
Love texture & colour shades in the A
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WelkerInc Sep 18
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Clare Thatcher Sep 18
My painting’Vision of Landscape’ oil & pigments on canvas, 200x150cm, 2018 is on its way to Elysium Gallery, Swansea as part of a great line up of painters at this years Beep Painting Prize Biennial, opens 3rd Oct-7th Nov@beeppainting
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Jori 13h
. and all have in common and is so incredible??This: (So happy to be one of the artists)
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Digital Pro Lab 1h
Prints from photography are what we are known for, but we LOVE working with our artists too! Canvas Prints, Fine Art Prints, Greeting Cards...the sky is the limit...and the limit is only what you can dream up! .
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Ryan AMATO 19h
Making some videos today. Why a bigger bucket is important when your professinaly painting
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Dr. Thedia Samara 24h
#ArtistsQuotes#imagination  #ArtistsonTwitter#CreativeThinkers       #singersongwriters#writers#actors#authors     
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in Judith Beheading Holofernes 1599–1602 The widow Judith first charms the Syrian general Holofernes, then decapitates him in his tent.
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RecruitWest Sep 20
Painters / Blasters, Jandakot /Blasters
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Tradesmen Jobs internal painting.Internal of 3 Bedroom House repainted ..
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Tradesmen Jobs Painting .Painting all interior door (17 doors, skirting, arecatravies, wind..
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Delta House Studios Sep 19
‘Updated "The scars that bind us" Plus reluctant selfie for scale. This painting will be up for auction soon, all proceeds to @access_sportuk . Watch this space if interested. Details soon.’ . .
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Tradesmen Jobs Paint interior of fully paint the interior of a 5 bedroom detached h..
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