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donglewater 10h
only English characters can be encoded with 1 byte in utf-8
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Afro Griot 2h
Ep 5 is called Yo, Is That Racist? I’ll be responding to listeners and discuss how certain behaviours and words could be considered or
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ً190424 taehyung 23h
Replying to @F_R0MIS
its bc ur 😳😳❤️❤️
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Problematic Apr 20
Lots of discussions about the nature of press freedoms in the US while the American Media Cheers the arrest of Julian , a journalist.
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Tasya Teles Apr 20
So proud of this gorgeous talented soul. Sticking it out. Getting her masters degree (neuroscience, nbd!) but always following and developing her obvious talent. True superstar. Get that education. Get those dreams. You can have both! #💯♾ ;)
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r ✨ Apr 23
Replying to @_monopolizers
TT tbh I can sympathise as to why like... stanning male idols can be cathartic cos u idealise them/make them safe when men irl are so awful. so when it's like a reminder that these idols are also irl men it's jarring. but its not rly like...
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MichelleMagee Apr 22
I’m so done with people who are obese and choose not to do anything about it, calling /healthy/ people fatphobic. Also, can we stop using the term fatphobic for anything that is health-positive and body positive for thinner women?
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Peanut Apr 21
Replying to @Beige29 @Yeloop
Oh mate it’s
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Jarrod Brower Apr 24
Me in life and work these days
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Lexi Apr 21
Not to be but I think that spinach is actually delicious
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Tom Atkinson 3: The Seed Bearer Apr 21
Easter present to myself, going ✈️✈️
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more of this please papa. 15h
this kind of carrying on... u guys might pass away if this 50 year-old is ever .
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Crish_chel Apr 22
When Life gets broken, when you're in despair, He'll carry your burdens when it's too much to bear. He'll help you start all over again, when life gets broken. God made the best plan for us, He's the BEST ENGINEER of our lives.
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Lady T Apr 22
Replying to @nicju
We'll just be Geminis and not worry about it
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vöng Ripperrãcci Apr 17
Welcome back me
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Penny Newman Apr 24
So, I go to pick out an liquid lip to wear and guess which one I picked without even thinking? !
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Cynthia Seaward 16h
Replying to @glewthequeen_
So we’re stealing jokes from primary school “what do you call a man with x on his head?” jokes now? Werk...
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urkel grue🌎☄️💕® Apr 17
i’m always up on time for work.... it’s just the amount of time i spend sitting on my bed doing nothing that makes me late.
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Tiffnista Apr 19
I truly hope this “commercial” is just a badly thought out joke. This screams , offensive and degrading
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aurora Apr 19
Sometimes when replying to people's text, I stopped typing mid-sentence and text "Can I send you voice notes instead?" bcos I'm too lazy to type but don't wanna talk to them either.
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