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🇩 🇮 🇪 🇹 🇨 🇭 Aug 20
Replying to @MaxBlumenthal
If we've learned anything from , it only makes sense that there would be shills embedded in academia to also. It also appears that is alive and well!
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maria martin 10h
let's think for a sec here: it this guy was for real, would he be doing interviews on CNN?
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TruthSeekerJedi Aug 21
Replying to @Truth_Again @X22Report
in effect the intelligence apparatus () deep state cabal never stopped influencing / controlling mainstream media
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Nicky P Aug 16
This never grows old... 4am talking-points never looked better. in full effect.
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comp_passion 7h
Completely delusional! I am honestly not trying to be disrespectful when I say this...It’s frightening how there are actually people who believe this nonsense!
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Frances Aug 15
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#SaveTheFreeWorld 11h
Replying to @CCM1956 @GaryjJeffrey
REALLY not surprised.
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RoseOfAlabama❌🇺🇲 Aug 22
You don't believe in ? Ask yourself: what agenda does the Main Stream Media promote... and who owns the MSM...? Who do they love & who do they hate?
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Lincoln Justice 💫 Aug 20
Replying to @AvasMomMe @cybah and 2 others
I see you have no real argument but to use lame memes is alive and well in you. Epstein was just the beginning of beheading these sick monsters. will be it’s legacy
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Holy Joe Aug 18
A snowflake melts under heat. Snowflake is a metaphor for people with TDS. Trump clearly stated that he knew nothing of the ship nor their efforts to hide it. With all of the scandal the left pushes, do you really think he'd want more?
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Eleven Bravo Aug 17
Replying to @ByronYork @nytimes
Attempts to shape the narrative by these apparatchiks like the will continue to fail. They have zero credibility left with anyone who has an IQ above a turnip.
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DH 8h
Democrats have brainwashed good American citizens with lies & fear using the & rekindling With government officials calling for violence, spreading their evil agendas rather than respecting it becomes
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Artist4Liberty Aug 16
trump's trustworthiness must be called into question at this point
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the Aug 22
Replying to @L_Ragland_Jr
Because has poisoned everyone's minds into becoming completely unreasonable, angry and close-minded. Its Orange Man Bad or else, for them. Sad.
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Victory for the People 10h
Please research and Mind control programming. Start there. CIA Docs have declassified it. Break your mind control. You deserve the truth. God bless.
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Victory for the People 13h
The clowns 🤡 hired one of their clown assets. Nothing shocking here.
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UnsilentLady ⏱ 🍁👀 Aug 22
So it seems that Jigna is a WS. Go figure. I'm so tired of hearing our Left use the same playbook as the US Left. Have they zero imagination? Do they not realize that it's backfiring like crazy in US? in full swing. I'm voting
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Shannon Aug 22
Why don't you ever apologize for anything? I'll tell you that I'm so sorry for ever trusting the MSM. Youve all been involved in a big LIE for years.
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Robby Ray-K 10h
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Symbolism Aug 15
Replying to @CodesUcq
08/15/2019 U.S. Deputy National Intelligence Director stepping down today! Coats gets the most attention as #1 but it's important to note Sue Gordon the #2 is also gone -to quote CNN this is a purge!
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