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Patti Manes Leake 10m
Shooting in just took an American life. , please do something.
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Rebecca 9m
Another life was just lost in . , it's time to do something.
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Mr. Ask 14m
One more person was just killed in . , it’s your job to take action.
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Heather Michaels 3h
is suffering today after fatal shooting. , stop the bloodshed.
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Navy Mom 4h
Yesterday, 19 Americans were shot and killed. , you need to do something.
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Brenda D Williams 18h
Another life just lost in . , please end the suffering.
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Robert Miltenberg 19h
Replying to @RealCandaceO
The day will come when you will run for office-and I will passionately support your candidacy. -I believe you will one day be a great and consequential . -That day is coming, Candace. -I can see it.
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