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🇺🇸Dianne✝️ Mar 21
Our knows how to get things done Pentagon Identifies Billions in Funding for Trump Border Wall
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❌ Frank Destroylibs Mar 20
Funny how you used that mic drop. Since that’s the time Barry claimed wouldn’t be ! Lol
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♥️👠SassyTrumpChic👠♥️{⭐️} Mar 21
OK / Here’s Our Chance To Show The Lying ~ Crying ~ That They Don’t Have A Snowflakes Chance In Hell Of Winning Against The ‼️RETWEET TO SHOW THAT IS DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB‼️
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snowflakelibs Mar 21
Replying to @MeghanMcCain
We love our president and we support him on anything. He has a right to free speech..
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Terri Blake 3h
Replying to @BetteMidler
Yes it is.... just got re-elected
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Activist Peter Boykin #LGBexit Campaign Founder 22h
This is my Daily Shout out to the Greatest we have had since Thank you for For EVERYONE
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EC Mar 20
Replying to @_miss_ives_
has decided to send in the army against the . is very close to civil war because the President has done everything in his power to make violence escalate. Its not just this protest he's banning,but any future protest not to his liking
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Martin Van Buren Mar 20
LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣 My hair is EPIC.
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OrangeHemorrhoid Mar 20
Let’s see 29 tweets in 12 hours, condemning GM, Faux err Fox News, a deceased War Hero and Senator, Saturday Night Live, lied about a husband refusing a job. etc, but never a shooter or white supremacist. About normal for this infantile immature 72 year old.
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Replying to @chick_in_kiev
Well with record on jobs, I'd say the 'no full time job' is your own fault. On the rest of your statement- go on, keep crying that river, don't feel a bit sorry for ya. Actions have consequences.
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Ronald R Harmon 5h
Replying to @RealJamesWoods
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Bruce Lawley 14h
And to think Donald Trump started out as such a cute baby
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N. Ti Mar 21
Replying to @TomiLahren
The Game may not be the good guy here but I'm also pretty sure can't be unabashedly supportive of president pussy grabber & then ask feminists to stand up for her. FYI: the has talked about women using similar language.
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Lisa Zigler Mar 21
Anyone, asking to stifle my is coming for my voice next. 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸
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Erik Berg 3h
Replying to @AHSeberg
To be fair, Michael couldn’t have done it without a little help 😉....
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Rissé (risay or risa) Michaels 17h
Another life was just lost in . , it's time to do something.
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Presidential Wisdom 19h
Replying to @historylvrsclub
Another "Ronald" - Reagan 🇺🇸 - enjoying some McDonald's! 🇺🇸🍔
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Mike Wonder Mar 21
Beto Is Reportedly Asking Americans To ‘Shape Him Into The Presidential Candidate’ They Want. Do you want a spineless ?
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David E. Alicea Morales (Edwin) 8h
Russia. Why was Our Lady of Fatima so concerned about Russia?
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🇺🇸 #Trump2020 🇺🇸 JIM 23h
Replying to @SenGillibrand
No DumbA$$, YOUR math is ALL WRONG, SERIOUSLY. And you want to be ? Not with this Tweet we will keep alive FOREVER; will, until you lose 2020.
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