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marmar76 Jul 15
we support you and pray for you everyday
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@KS41OfAKind Jul 18
Paisley is ready. I’m ready. My husband, parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, and friends are all ready! Who else has their TRUMP 2020 hats ready to go? We support our president
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Not today [Trump]. 👩🏽‍💻⚖️ Jul 12
Replying to @Verdaderaesq
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McDonald's Shore Leave 3h
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Kim Bassett Jul 18
Replying to @thehill
Can someone tag ? I would love his head to explode!
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Sten 2h
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
Well, I totally think you are sub-human but in this case you are correct. This is the stomach content of a whale. OVER 30 plastic bags. Its a discrace to human kind. Globally we must fix it, and ASAP.
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Paul Price 6h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
With the incompetent you will never have any morality, integrity, sanity, equality or humanity...........
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Dylan kaye Jul 18
These are the people telling how we should be running the U.S.A. Let handle it. Try focusing on your own cities.
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Jason Moore 7h
Replying to @RyanAFournier
Exactly! What about all the unborn children killed by abortion daily that the Democrats don’t care about. Not a word mentioned. Trying anything to bring our down. Not working.
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Frederik Bjerre 9h
, the salacious part was sex-tapes, it wouldn't be a socalled "Epstein mowie", would it? I mean,you're a known sexual predator and you allow abuse of children. Not even evangelic conservatives could condone pedophilia,officially anyway. No wonder Putin blackmail you. SAD!
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Eleanor Lauck Jul 18
Replying to @kathy_markovich
Please accept support from all of us not the least bit supporters of the vile ! You are a very brave woman!
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Political Affairs Jul 19
This 45 is more dangerous than the Colt 45
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🇺🇸A right future, Lambright 2020 Jul 16
In the four years, I have been bidding for & my beard has gone from dark brown to almost all grey. I really did not expect this. - The future is bright
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christy dellaria 24h
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AdeelRazaKhan Jul 17
Replying to @cnnbrk
Thank you 😁
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Bev Morgan Jul 12
Don’t you just love the clip supporting ?!! Let’s ALL jump in. Retweet & post a minute video promoting . Make your own testimonial for ! It’s !
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Philemon OWONA Jul 11
Replying to @WSJ
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I don’t wish to scare you BUT... ever seen without his hair done? It sure does make him look much older.
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MoDinero1010220 Jul 10
Replying to @BuckSexton
That half against her is soiled by the negative rhetoric has spewed since 2017.
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💧Rob Youdan 21h
This is a real email from 's 2020 campaign. He's really trying to create division and anger aimed at progressive, environmental concepts and anyone who wants to save the planet 😢
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