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Dongleware and signed contract to remake as game on multiple platforms.
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Application Systems Nov 14
Hard to believe, but as seen and other places over the past 30 years, finally has a page!
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Colortek 6 Jan 14
launches its product covering , & effects made thru real metallic particles!
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Nouvelle Vague mag 22 Dec 16
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A new level for Dongleware action Note the propeller: - Propellers chase your marble - Be quick to avoid them - Once hit by the propeller you'll lose your marble
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"Solo or Team" level for Dongleware action New Oxyd Terra Nova will have levels that can be played by one player switching between two marbles or two player cooperating.
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Design Directory & Articles 9 Jun 17
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Fontanaclub 2 May 14
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👌Gerd Armbruster😎 23 Aug 17
ENDLICH: Mein Spiel ist zurück. 28 Jahre später: Atari-ST-Klassiker lebt im Browser weiter - heise online
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GET FAR 6 Dec 13
GET FAR "Out Of Control" Oxyd Records
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Woodstock Production 25 Aug 17
RT oxydgames: Announcement of the return of 28 years old brings back good old better than
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Ron Müller 24 Aug 17
Viele gute Erinnerungen an . Letztens die Dongleware-Bücher beim Umzug schweren Herzens aussortiert.
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Again an level for Dongleware action Icy floor creates challenging physics: - Magnets influence your marble even more - Switches change polarity of magnets - Trick opponents with the magnets
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TechWars 2 Mar 15
We compared vs - see results:
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HXB 22 Nov 15
and me at , Huge!
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Alexander Draken 6 Apr 15
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HXB 20 Jun 14
Ready for #75021 round one at w/ tonight
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Application Systems Dec 8
ist ein Spiel, das Geschicklichkeit und Rätsel verbindet. Im Original auf und 1989 erschienen. Jetzt auf die Wishlist bei Steam setzen:
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is an game requiring hand eye coordination and puzzle skills. Originally released on and in 1989. Wish list on Steam:
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Level zum Dongleware Action Holzklötze lassen sich mit der Kugel wegrammen und sie bilden eine Brücke. Aber wie ist die richtige Reihenfolge?
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