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ComancheBlue1 9h
Replying to @SonnyBunch
If it makes you feel better, take solace in knowing that Brawny is owned by the . It’s part of their evil plot to get the libs to destroy forests
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B Eazy Apr 19
If really wanted to , we would drive down to West Virgina and fight a coastal elite like for America. If he doesn’t do it, he’s anti American
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Kyle Alexander Mar 21
Replying to @MAGAindex @dbongino
Don't fall for this!!!! talked about it today. They're just trying to get you to have the mentality of "oh he's for sure going to win anyways. I don't need to vote." To make you stay home on election. Get out and vote anyways! Ignore them and
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JM Jan 16
. Trump still holds the state of the union address during the shutdown when Pelosi doesn't want him to and declaring a national emergency during the address to
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Kent Apr 17
Being as ignorant as possible on an important issue to
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treading_ESTROGEN Jan 23
Replying to @PrisonPlanet @jjauthor
Ok, lets get nutty... Star Trek: The Motion Smirk Star Trek II: The Wrath of Smirk (Smiiiiirrrrrrk!!!) Star Trek III: The Search for Smirk Star Trek IV: The Voyage Smirk Star Trek V: The Final Smirk Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Smirk
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(vegan) meat packing industry Apr 20
Replying to @veganmeatpack
i thot some1 was eating gourmet pizza & i was abt to say but then i realized it was a multi-grain bagel in my backpack
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simonrkatz Apr 20
Your mate never leaves his mums bedroom, Mrs Watson always makes him a cooked breakfast- he bravely insists on nitrate-denying bacon everyday just to
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T Dolan Apr 19
Replying to @imillhiser
Great excuse to look up this fabulous video.
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Panos Apr 18
CNN is losing their minds right now. This might be better than election night.
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Molly Jong-Fast Jan 28
But shouldn’t you used coffee to do it?
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Kent Apr 19
Defending a president who has 11 clear examples of obstruction outlined in detail to
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Random Meat Head Jan 5
Expressing my 2nd Amendment right to bare arms.
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Mark Engel Jan 18
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
This is great! Don Jr. always wins the internet! Keep it up
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Steve Smith Apr 15
Replying to @NYPDCT
Tweeting through it to
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Tim W. Jones Apr 18
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👩🏽‍💼rural America own goal👩🏽‍💻 Apr 13
Replying to @TheRynheart
Gravity is a Democrat thing too.
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Shana Gadarian Mar 23
Ok, all you digital mavens out there. Discussing parties and negative partisanship on Monday in class. Going to use as an example. What are the examples on the left?
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Johnathan Sparks Apr 20
BREAKING: "Ontario government cuts funding to literally everything. Go fuck yourselves."
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Julian Vidal Mar 26
Because there has never been a 404 to page quite like this...
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