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Halton Libraries Dec 11
We had a lovely Christmas class visit and storytime by the Fireplace with St Bertaline’s pre school class this afternoon ♥️🎄 RT
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Daniel Cattanach Dec 6
Okay, inspired by and her recent video, I've half a mind (as the half-wit I am) to do a Twitter video homage to the fine work of public sector comms folk just like you. I'm keen to edit a montage like the opening & closing scenes of Love Actually. 1/4
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Nicola McKenna 3h
finding fairies in the woods and the chocolate cake they have left you as a present 😍🎅🎄
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L. Selasi Dec 12
Replying to @yvonnenelsongh
Our day.... 🌹
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Jo Beavis.Independent💜 Dec 11
I wish to thank for their support of me. We need more in Parliament. I have had the great pleasure to support, mentor and encourage into and Today, make it 🗳️🗳️🗳️🗳️🗳️🗳️
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FAB™ Dec 11
Replying to @1KINGSADIQ
Thanks bro. Proud of you too 👨🏾‍🎓❤️🎊
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TopazToStopBrexit☂️ #FBPE☂️ #TacticalVote ☂️ #ABTV Dec 11
To & products to EU some certification is reqd from Vets - mostly on live animals To export as a 3rd country this will need to increase by 325%
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biyan ʙ𝕤ᴛ Dec 10
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TopazToStopBrexit☂️ #FBPE☂️ #TacticalVote ☂️ #ABTV Dec 9
EU has a development Fund to rural areas For development (esp managemt) & Buildings equipmt & machinery food processing plants... Job creation, social inclusion & poverty reduction
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Ja'Mel Brown Dec 6
I would like to BLESS EVERYBODY Born on JANUARY 25. Comment your Cashapp🎊🎉
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