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is a prime example of the awareness beginning to flourish in our society. Wonderful start but we must keep going!
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Safia Nov 22
With the rising popularity of the movement and the desire to be more inclusive, we want to be a part of that systemic change. For the month of the Oscars, our classes will be entirely free, and we will host our very own Oscars ceremony for our students!
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IG: ChroniclesOfTendai Nov 25
🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 How Ryan Coogler wasn't Oscar nomi-
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Queendom Entertainment Nov 24
Folks be mad at the Grammy nominations every year like wasn’t just trending a few years ago...
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e ❄️🧸 Nov 24
Replying to @bunnynpeach
the line similar to lol)
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Muwado Nov 25
Respect to Ava DuVernay (@AVAETC), Mira Nair and Nate Parker... filmmakers, storytellers I'm absolutely in awe of who, instead of waiting for next Feb to join the cries of , are out there crafting ...
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Corporatist LeBron Nov 26
The most overrated movie of the year from the most overrated director ever.
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King Ashy Hotep I 🇺🇸 Nov 25
Replying to @PhDee
I remember it was during 'snowmegeddon' & I wanna say ...
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Jenny L’Hommedieu Nov 29
" was a reactionary, not so organized method of calling attention to issues of inequality in Hollywood and elsewhere in American media" (AMAS 167). This spring and summer there was also evidence of hashtags raising awareness of inequality in society by 1/2
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Views From the Edge: #EveryVoteCounts Nov 22
Will the Academy Awards allow more than one Asian nominated for Best Director, Best Picture?
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Replying to @PageSix
no seriously - it was the day of the pale white collar bone but i mean cate blanchett as Elizabeth the Queen of England was a showstopper iconic role
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Anthez Williams Nov 24
Replying to @ChadTheCoolcat
It’s the musical equivalent of 🤦🏾‍♂️
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Kinch Nov 24
Replying to @PinkSunshine7
Fuck a Grammy, they mammies, they AMAs, CMAs etc etc. but until we claim our own we gon be looking stoopid when they put their list out. wasn’t long ago. And we been killin the acting for damn near half a century if not more
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Hispanic Technology & Telecom Partnership 6h
Excited to welcome founder of to our inaugural Digital Inclusion Summit. Register today and join us for a candid conversation about race, representation, and the future of everything. ✊🏽 📡
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Josh Nov 21
Okay but is more than just the oscars. Its about how they will always cast majority of white people in movies which will never even give poc a chance to even win an Oscar
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Corporatist LeBron Nov 24
According to David Fincher, "ethnic" = not smooth. Maybe the film critics' most beloved and overrated director can explain to us what qualities make a person ethnic.
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. Nov 26
Replying to @iamdojasgf
change isn't gonna happen unless ppl keep speaking up for more than just a week. that's how people were able to make proper change with . but if ppl don't keep this conversation alive, we'll be seeing the same old fuckshit every year
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Jérôme Shirley Nov 23
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Joy M Gimbel Nov 27
Andy Samberg tells off Oscar voters who have a problem with new diversity rules knew I loved you Andy Samberg! They are bs, a collection of biased opinions that often get it so wrong.
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Supermim 🔫👊💣🔪 Nov 25
Replying to @robertosenna
Todo ano o Oscar é exposto. Não lembra do movimento ???
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