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Shai Kassirer Feb 18
in was just canceled. Up to today, the Israeli media talked mostly about the political crisis around 's role in the and + political alliance & similarities. I would like to offer another similarity between Israel and V4>>
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Kirsten Feldges 15h
This attack of Mr. happens deliberately to encourage populism before the election. If you to act now all of us will have to pay the bill.
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Adam Bartha 11h
Almost every other government includes or relies on populists in Europe, so , , & co. are slowly becoming the mainstream. This will have important implications on the European elections in May. 4/7
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Hans Van Meerten Feb 19
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Szalay Szabolcs Feb 19
Replying to @JosephDaul @JunckerEU
Good morning . have been waiting for this message since has started his campaigns, shut down almost all independent media outlets, imposed €3 million fine on oppo parties, kicked out ... Is it now a real ?
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Prof. h.c. Dr. mirko guestrich-blessed🌎🇪🇺 Feb 12
Replying to @ZDFheute
Hungary: A Handmaids Tale
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Hannes Stuhr Feb 18
Replying to @zoltanspox
isn’t that what we all loved europe for? its homogeneous population?
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Joseph Daul Feb 19
I'd like to remind PM that decisions in , including on , are taken collectively by EU governments & , both of which include Hungarian representatives. Instead of casting Brussels as a ghost enemy, Hungary must realise it is a part of it. 3/3
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Michiel Luining Feb 18
Something knows (2015): 'The Hungarian cause also attracted Poles, Italians, Romanians, Serbs, Germans, even Austrians; the heat of its all-inspiring ideal & sentiment forged them into a single whole –regardless of language, culture, financial standing or social status.”
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Annie Feb 16
Quote Orbán Hungary: "Mr Timmermans would do well to consider how a marriage between the Left and the far Right can possibly be compatible with European values, and instead busy himself at home with bringing happiness to the poor people of the Netherlands."
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WhyNot Feb 19
Replying to @liliebayer
And is right.
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Franz Henneken Feb 19
Really a disgrace. If even men like so often talk about values, why this attacks against almost every day? It is wrong because only a stupid anti-jewish attack. And that's only because George is a jewish man.
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Alex von Witzleben 14h
Juncker: Orban should leave Europe's centre-right "Against lies there's not much you can do," Juncker was quoted
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冨田麻里(7thclouds公式ツィート 15h
hasaccused the Hungarianborn Soros of seeking to undermine ’s policies.such campaign was even accused of antiSemitism.This prompted IsraeliPM Netanyahu to step in,with a statement that criticism of is legitimate and not antiSemitic“
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Ralf Oberndörfer Feb 19
Lesenswert! and Try to Improve Ties, but History Intrudes
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Andrea Birnbach Feb 14
I guess is scared of the <100,000 (!) refugees that are ante portas at the Hungarian border.
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Paweł Bieńkowski 13h
Replying to @astroehlein @EPP and 2 others
has effectively become the face of . Not sure they ever wanted it but he just may be one of the most spoken of EPP politicians
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Tom Bo Ros 14h
What does is the only sensible thing to do, look Sweden in the 70s look now, in flames and 20 years time will be an Islam country, Germany changing its arritude quickly about migrants. can't exit Hungary, that's impossible.
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AJC Central Europe 7h
"The Hungarian 🇭🇺 government decided that we will open up a trade representation here [in ], which will have a diplomatic status," Hungarian PM V. said to a press conference he held jointly with 🇮🇱 Israeli PM B. A welcome step!
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Designstudent Feb 14
Replying to @V_of_Europe
I have legit nude pics of Orban! DM me if ur interested
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