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jitendra yadav 11h
go back back.....
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veer Yadav 11h
Replying to @sudhirchaudhary
Ham k sath h
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KPL_Lokesh 1h
trying it's best to move out of BJP alliance. But will armtwist is the key question. Will faction keep quiet is another important question. My guess is BJP will ally with ADMK for sure. BJP will not leave the few seats they can gain in the .
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Satendra Kumar Singh 2h
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Brad Fournier Jan 10
Not happy! Someone thought they were more important then our kids loading on a bus!
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santosh kumar singh Jan 12
Why politicians r still enjoying pension whereas it is denied to employees Bring back
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TechBeacon Jan 15
Here's what is all about: Practical knowledge drops, by and for and . shares thoughts on OpenAPI generator, ReDoc, Swagger Codegen, LucyBot DocGen, API Transformer, DapperDox, Widdershins, and API Spec Converter
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Sam Albon Jan 16
So I guess I'm listening to while I organise this deployment for .
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Bryan HS Vocal Music 4h
Show Choir parents and students, today’s competition at Ralston HS is still on today. Call time is 9:45am at Bryan. Please leave with plenty of time to spare and drive with caution.
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vinay kirad Jan 12
my vote for only so go back and come back.
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Sophia Jan 12
Replying to @nrnzahirah
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💝ShoaiB💝🇵🇰 Jan 14
Replying to @phaack_uh
Marty marTy bachi ho
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ThatsCarla Jan 17
Wrong friendship. 🤭
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Petra Schulz 11h
This is unacceptable & ppl are dying because of the cap on . what does the 🇨🇦 Health Act say about one province denying essential health services? There should be an outcry & action from the federal government. Approval is not enough. OPS need $
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pramod yadav Jan 14
we all have seen movie starred sir in old age money has its own importance as of children. Working for gov services for whole life fullfilling demands of children no balance is left with old. Only plz restart
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Anil Verma 2h
We are with you, old pention lekar rahenge....
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hyde Jan 17
I tripp’ the other day n now u m here stuck alone x turnT on myself but fuck no# cause I’m the part bitch!
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MoneyVanGogh 24h
DROPPIN TUESDAY! I appreciate all the ♥️I have received thus far “PePeLePew” produced by my bro artwork 🖼 done by 🤓
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Madhav 10h
Replying to @sambitswaraj
What about Old pension scheme
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J Mystic Jan 9
Boston getting crazy now
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