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Tony Gosling ✈ 8h
Replying to @AnaBooks @iainoverton
What morons these religious types are who just want to kill anyone for god? Shall we smear them or just kill them? Or it this just a racist agenda post perpetrated by NATO intelligence agencies and Mossad? Hmmmm....
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Sameera Khan Apr 26
Last Sept., I spoke to FM about US-PAK-AFG relations and he said that lending assistance to the as it sought to influence affairs in both in the 80’s & post-9/11 was a “mistake.”
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David Krae 📎 Dec 6
Replying to @BlindMelon1967
Yay! Let's give Islamic military dictatorship (Pakistan) billions of dollars to arm the most vicious extremist warlords for a few decades. Great idea! /sarc Also dodgy mixing politics with private oil interests, and some naiveté about worshiping the 'same' God.
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LeaAnn Loudmouth Jan 7
Replying to @NatCounterPunch
That secret operation () was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap.The day the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to Pres Carter:We now have the opportunity to give to the USSR its Vietnam war."
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Joe.Major Apr 9
Replying to @SenSanders
The US arms countries the goes to war with them twenty years later. The CIA funded the Taliban.
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Tony Gosling ✈ Jul 2
Orwellian BBC gatekeeper Jo Coburn[in hell] gets transparently fake "technical difficulties" when reporter begins to detail involvement in torturing suspects Bormann
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Jason Chan ⏳ Sep 29
YouTube shut down Syria's official news channel SANA. That's what side they are on, remember that. Contrary to the psychological operations conducted against Assad for purpose of regime change, he is actually wildly popular among his own people. was never good!
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No Drones Canada Jan 28
. is saying that the Afghan war has been going on for seventeen years. In fact the latest iteration began in 1979 when the US started funding terrorism by the mujahadeen, six months before the Soviets invaded.
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Wahine 4 Feb 18
+ : This is sooo reminding me of the + the Soviet War in Afghanistan… ,
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marc fuller 14 Apr 18
do not forget people it was the US that started the syrian war with its the US that funds and trains these terrorists they call themselves civilised the US should be made to denuclearise
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SK. Anthony De Jesus Jan 5
Great Meme Explaining some of the Geopolitical Reasons and Different Countries who have Contributed Financially and Militarily to the Rise of the Islamic State!
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Julia Macfarlane Oct 19
My dude, that RPG he's holding was financed by the Reagan administration. Learn some history
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David Krae 📎 Jan 29
So, while the goal of containing the Soviet threat was achieved, the result was the long-term radicalization of the region via funding, training and arming the worst of the worst violent religious fundamentalists from the late 1970s through to the early 1990s.
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ויקטוריה 🏆 Sep 11
The New World Order was born on September 11 💣
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Tony Gosling ✈ Aug 28
Very funny James, ha ha ha! Only for those with ears to hear. Nothing doing for the not sees I'm afraid. Suggest you read the article about UK and US intelligence agencies creating Islamic terrorism in the 1980s. Ignore such facts at your country's peril.
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Just A Slav in the Gulag 2 Feb 18
. So the word is Hillary armed ISIS at the direction of Sid Blumenthal and Zbigniew BRZEZINSKI and just like they used the CIA illegally. FBI is hiding all of it. Dossier was Insurance of Secrecy regarding ISIS in Libya.
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⏳towhee 19 Apr 18
= program to arm and finance the , in from 1979 to 1989...The program leaned heavily towards supporting militant Islamic Jihadis....
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No Drones Canada Feb 13
Replying to @Free_Media_Hub
Is the US selling out Afghans in order to make peace with their old allies?
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Douglas Menagh Oct 18
Replying to @Geoliminal
September 11 and Al Quida, brought you and armed by Ronald Reagan.
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Sameera Khan Mar 23
Replying to @SameeraKhan
Moral of this long thread: Pakistan’s global image as a terror state (sorry) has been shaped by one event — its role in facilitating . Every major party has issued some sort of statement of condemnation, but no one has analyzed the narratives that led there.
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