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Oniria Crimes May 26
Hey Dreamers! Today's and we want to show you Mrs. Xiang's favourite music. I hope you like it!!
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cKolmos Mar 16
For this we introduce you Inspector Torres from , rigged by Lord of the Rigg😎
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Oniria Crimes May 13
Mrs. Xiang is very happy with her new kimono 🥰👘🌸Thank you so much for helping us choose! Now she is ready to star the second criminal case in the Land of Dreams. Sweet Monday 13th, dreamers! Rendered by
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Today's is script testing day! Checking the 1st mysterious case of , our videogame about oneiric investigation in the Land of Dreams 🕵️‍♀️🧩🕵️‍♂️
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cKolmos Mar 17
Now you can vote for Oniria Crimes as best spanish screenshot saturday of the week at Thanks for your support!
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Michi Pantera Mar 22
My cats ask you a favor💖: Vote 🏆 for best SPAIN's My cats will love you forever. It's number 7!
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Welcome to Oniria ! Inspector Torres is alive thanks to the magic of 😎 Hope you love him!! He is one of the main detectives in our mystery videogame proudly incubated by
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Oniria Crimes May 18
0h no! Mrs. Xiang is dead! After all our efforts to choose the best kimono! 👘🌸 What happened in the 2nd room of ? Stay tunned to know more 🕵️‍♂️🧩🕵️‍♀️
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Voxel Dreams Mar 15
RT : Welcome to Oniria ! This is 1st kinematics for Our oniric detectives ar…
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cKolmos Mar 23
Detective Santos walks her way to awesomeness 🕵🏻‍♀️ , rigged by
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Michi Pantera Mar 17
has been nominated for for the Three Headed Monkey Awards!! If you wanna help us, vote for it here (it's the 40th on the list): (Don't forget to confirm your vote) Thank you!!!
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David Mestanza – ΔΜ May 21
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Jorge McLoud Mar 17
Una nueva versión de la Detective Santos, de Oniria Crimes. Le hemos cambiado la ropa para que se entienda mejor de un vistazo ¿Os gusta? 🕵️‍♀️
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Voxel Dreams Mar 16
RT : Nada mejor para este que el inspector Torres, co-prota de nuestro videojuego , rig…
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Inteligencia Lúdica Mar 15
Nos gusta AgoraAbierta el videojuego narrativo de misterio en el que estoy a tope como guionista, nominado en los premios 🤩 — Meri Palas (meri_palas) March 15, 2019
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Enhorabuena a todos y gracias por apoyarnos!! El juego en cuestión es , una aventura de misterio e investigación voxel que forma parte de nuestro universo transmedia 😋
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