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Diane Dewing Jun 14
On behalf of all Ontario teachers, I congratulate president and CEO Ron Mock on being honoured by the Kingdom of Belgium with the Order of the Crown. One of their nation’s highest honours.
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Diane Dewing Apr 12
It’s annually general meeting day! So important to our 323,000 active and retired teachers. I’ll be tweeting as we go so stay tuned for for info on Teachers’ successful year.
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"Our project financing partnership with Ontario Teachers’ enables us to further invest in Ontario and present customers with a stable, long-term offer to drive down energy consumption costs," said John Carrington, Stem CEO
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Randy Williamson Jul 30
It's unlikely the current Ontario government will provide incentives, yet and Stem, Inc. will help finance/purchase Ontario projects. Does this reflect that energy storage projects are economic without subsidy/incentives?
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OTPP News 12 Jan 18
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SolCan Aug 1
"The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan is providing a $200 million round of financing to Stem Inc. to finance its acquisition of artificial intelligence-driven energy storage projects in Ontario."
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Calvin Swine Aug 14
Replying to @trixiewitt @CBCNews
Who pays for & benefits including their pension plan? The tooth fairy? No, the of pay. Sadly, “...the proportion of all employees covered by an , edged down from 38.1% in 2014 to 37.8% in 2015.” - StatsCan
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Andrew Saramaga Feb 21
Here we go.. . Lets go ladies
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Srishti Singh Oct 12
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OTPP Sep 25
Attention Students! Happening this Friday, September 28 on campus, will be hosting an Information Session from 11:30AM-1:30PM! Come out and join us by checking out this link for more info -
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Chris Cowley 9 Jan 18
Teachers’ owned Cadillac Fairview has spend billions over the past number of years investing and revitalizing our Canadian properties. Another example of how DB pensions keep our economy moving.
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Steve Feb 14
Replying to @TheOakLeafs
Development. A word that had never heard of and wasn’t interestsd in learning.
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Canadian Investor Jan 19
Replying to @Joe_Meyer1
The queue of public sector pensions vying to buyout LCBO will stretch from Queen's Park to Niagara Falls
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#EndCorruptionNow #MauriceMcCabe #OnlyForTheTape 11 Oct 17
Replying to @BrendanHowlin
Ever wonder what % sorted for An Post in sale of Irish Lotto to Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan ?
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Educators Climate Dec 9
The last few tweets are about kids/students taking action to save our planet for humanity. What's it going to take to get the so-called adults in charge to ? This is getting embarrassing.
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OTPP Nov 23
Thrilled to receive ‘Outstanding Contribution by an Institutional Investor’ at the Hedge Funds Review European Performance Awards. The award was presented to Danilo Simonelli, Managing Director, Alternative Investments. Also pictured: team member Pete Dilworth.
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Canadian Investor 30 Nov 17
This report is disgusting on so many levels. WB calls it "Canadian pension model", but what they are talking about are only public sector pension plans. This is a puff piece for , &
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Mister H Dec 13
1,000 Organizations Have Pulled Their Money Out of Fossil Fuels in Major Milestone when can we expect the same?
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OTPP News 1 Nov 17
Uncanny similarities to 's
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I don't work here anymore Mar 20
Replying to @OtppInfo @Ubisoft
Thank you for managing our pensions so well! We're very grateful.
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