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caramel delight Apr 15
Them: let me drive the boat Me: Sorry, I’m sailing to AKAland 💗💚
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Forescout 6h
"Cybercriminals are increasingly finding critical infrastructure an easy target for ransomware. This is scary stuff. Imagine losing access to power. Drinkable water. Telephone service. The list goes on." Ryan Brichant, CTO Critical Infrastructure
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Illinois Bone & Joint Institute 9h
Urvi, an IBJI rehab tech is modeling a custom splint made from functional material. A custom splint can be used for elbow fractures, dislocations and bicep repair.
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Rachel Payne Apr 18
Contiuing to apply for jobs once I've graduated! If anyone can advise any websites I could look on for jobs that would be great!
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Dari.M 10h
Getting a 93 on my Anatomy exam (May be nothing for you) showed me I can get just about a 93 in physics, a 93 in neuroscience, a 93 in kineseology, so on and so forth ! All of my NYC high school people know we weren’t educated that way! Keep Striving lovies! We working
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Pharoah's Boutique Apr 18
Replying to @PharoahBoutique
Genesis Crip walking in Nipsey’s honor!
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Laura Student OT Apr 18
Speaking of the Dark Side of Occupation... I made a meme 💻 Do any OTs in physical settings look at occupations which don’t promote health? It seems like a touchy subject 🤔 I assume it’s mainly addressed in mental health but beneficial in physical too?
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Blake Swanson Apr 17
The aves Going to cause me to have a heart-attack
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TX Physician Jobs 5h
Can you recommend anyone for this Physician job in San Antonio, TX? Click the link in our bio to see it and more. Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant - PRN at LifeCare Health Partners
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Sonny Arredondo Apr 18
Night Shift 😴 5 more to go ..
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JA-45🇳🇬🇬🇭🇬🇧 22h
The problem today is people don't cherish good people, they try to use them.. 💯🔞☪️🔛
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Raleigh Health Jobs 3h
Click the link in our bio to see currently open jobs like "Occupational Therapist, Home Health Visits" at BAYADA Home Health Care in Raleigh, NC.
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JA-45🇳🇬🇬🇭🇬🇧 7h
The only cure to the struggle is to hustle.. 💯🤘☪️✝️🔛
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Lauren Osborne Apr 18
I wasn’t allowed to do Human Biology ALevel because I only got C in science at GCSE, they said I wouldn’t be clever enough. Nevermind I got a B+ in Anatomy & Physiology at degree level and an eventual 2:1 in & currently on course for a Distinction in Posture Management MSc!!
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Satyen Bhakta Apr 19
If elephants can draw, you can definitely make it to America’s #1 College Town this summer. Link in bio
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sipho 17h
Who is leading?
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Chris Cooper-Stanton Apr 17
Shadowing an surgeon clinic this morning. Fascinating so far. So many things to 'look up later'. He put me on the spot asking my opinion near the start and I felt like a rabbit on headlights! Must try harder if it happens again!
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Rebecca Apr 19
day 19. now sells weighted blankets & sensory tools. This is both wonderful AND scary. These strategies can be used safely to slightly impact the mental health/behavior of “typical” kids. But PLEASE consult your if you need therapeutic results!!!
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Becisanotstudent Apr 18
Trying a new strategy I need to claw back my time management skills😳. Enter a mind map. I took a long hard look at myself this morning. This should help withnow putting my thoughts in order to discuss with CI. .
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