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Wojciech Jakóbik 3h
Brent goes down? could be cheaper even with in place. attained report suggesting that higher supply from will make the prices go down.
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President Busey 14m
U.S- Clash Could Spell Disaster For
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Argaam Plus 15h
Arabia has assured the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) that it is “committed, capable and willing” to ensure the market will not face any shortages, says chief
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Movva 9h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Creation of in Saudi Arabia is the Solution . Breaking Cartel Market is the Solution World Needed in All Non Democracy Nations --- Develop Democracy in the World World Needed or &Not
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Nifty-Ledges Oct 17
Replying to @JavierBlas
Let them continue the game until the last Nail in coffin of
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Frogtech Geoscience 14h
Equatorial Guinea to launch new oil and gas bid round. An OPEC member and Sub-Saharan Africa’s third-largest oil producer, Equatorial Guinea relies mainly on oil and gas exports to power its economy.
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SAFE 13h
“At the end of the day, Nicolas Maduro has taken care of really running PDVSA to the ground": US eyes more Venezuelan sanctions, but on backburner
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Parish Vyas Oct 17
Exclusive - Don`t mention the oil price: legal threat prompts change at
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AmruthDama Oct 18
Replying to @srivatsayb
We can blame our government on this issue! But on the other hand is rising oil prices by reducing oil production
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Dharmendra Pradhan Oct 17
Replying to @dpradhanbjp
Also expressed my concerns on global trade practices limiting the affordability of energy. HE Barkindo reaffirmed India as an extremely important partner for & called for further strengthening India-OPEC relationship.
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Daniel Michael 🛢 35m
up but set for weekly loss on stock build, trade row | on 🇺🇸/🇨🇳 With word from
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Bearded Man 17h
Meshal Saad M. Albostani yet another victim of terrorism sponsor, human rights abuser mafia Saudi Arabia!
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Fuel Freedom Oct 17
: “Shshshshsh. If we all don’t talk about the prices then they won’t notice what we’re making them pay.”
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TheGoldAndSilverClub 4h
Carrying 2 Million Barrels of Discharges Into Storage In Ahead of U.S. Sanctions >>>
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Kayhan Life 19h
Turkey’s top refiner, Tupras, is in talks with U.S. officials to obtain a waiver allowing it to keep buying Iranian oil after Washington reinstates sanctions on the Islamic Republic’s energy sector in November, industry sources said.
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Anas Alhajji Oct 17
Replying to @anasalhajji
12- This is again about point 6. increased posted prices before the embargo. Why? because prices were very low and lower than other markets. Iran pushed hard for the increase.
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Linda  Wang 王憲苓 Oct 15
🔴🇺🇸 point finger & on on his decision to pull out of the but President ’s blaming while the rest of us in drives daily suffers.Need solution soon sir if you really care about our nation,Thanks ❤️
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Esther Muruaga 12h
output from , shared zone on hold due to operational differences and souring political ties between the previously close Gulf allies, sources familiar with the matter said.
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Oil News Oct 17
To placate the US, don't talk about the price of oil, tells members
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Cambridge 14h
Rising crude inventories and increased output in the U.S. could push oil prices further below $80 a barrel, according to an internal report via
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Vote November 6! Oct 16
There are many great reasons to switch to electric transport but not supporting Middle Eastern butchers is one.
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