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Eric Nuttall Aug 16
Yesterday I was selling large cap permian to buy CDN midcap oil co's (many of which are making all-time lows despite WTI +20% YTD). Turns out I was buying alongside the CEO of one of my purchases. He personally owns ~9% of the company already and with the stock -69% over...
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Kevin Orland Aug 14
Canadian energy stocks and the price of oil have diverged in a big way. The most on record, in fact. Nice one by via
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Eric Nuttall Aug 12
Coming soon to the oil patch? This is what happens when market valuations dislocate too widely from fundamentals...privatizations at 80%+ premiums. Stocks trading at 20%+ FCF yields will not last one way or another
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Javier Blas Aug 16
CHART OF THE DAY: In a striking sign of how unloved is Big Oil today, Exxon Mobil is trading in the stock market at an implied dividend yield north of 5% (highest in more than 25 years) |
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tradeoilstocks Aug 15
After all that’s happened so far, WTI is still north of $54 and Canadian E&P’s are still cash flow positive, yet are trading at record low prices. Who is taking advantage of this dislocation? There’s a chance to make several hundred percent returns if you have the stomach.
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Mark Scullion Aug 13
The number race is on!
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African Energy Chamber Aug 15
You still have a chance to secure your space. Register now for Africa's International Petroleum Management Program, hosted by the African Energy Chamber and sponsored by Centurion. Reach out today: . .
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Replying to @TankerTrackers
Good morning! As of 4 hours ago, the ADRIAN DARYA 1 has been heading east to KALAMATA, GREECE. That is her destination for the time being.
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Javier Blas Aug 12
State-owned oil giant Saudi Aramco reports 1H 2019 of $46.9 billion, down 12% y-on-y | Full financial statement
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African Energy Chamber Aug 11
Are you a mid-level/senior manager of a national/international oil company? Register for the International Petroleum Management Program brought to you the African Energy Chamber and sponsored by Centurion Law Group. Read more about the program:
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Dan Tsubouchi Aug 17
Reuters: 10 Houthi drones targeted Aramco’s Shaybah oilfield by UAE border, “no Saudi confirmation”. If so, significant Shaybah is ~1 mmb/d, moreso means all Saudi key oilfields, refineries & Ras Tanura export terminal on Persian Gulf are at risk.
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Stuart Wallace 18h
The race to export U.S. oil is accelerating via
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FoxCharts 18h
* Crude looks near term likely to be choppy across $54.5 - 56.5 * Larger magnitude move incoming depending on a break above $56.5 or $54
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Samir Madani 🛢 16h
4,000,000 This is the number of Iranian oil barrels the Syrian refinery in Baniyas has received during GRACE 1’s detention in Gibraltar. All of this was delivered via the Suez Canal. Now that you know this, do you still believe she was due to deliver to Baniyas?
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Javier Blas Aug 17
Saudi Arabia big Shaybah oilfield attacked by Yemen’s Houthi drones — production uninterrupted, but attack triggered a small fire | with
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BBG Energy News 22h
Saudi Arabia isn’t as willing to do whatever it takes to support oil prices as it would have us believe
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Heesu Lee 3h
Japanese consumers may face a costlier bill to stay warm this winter if South Korea bans exports of heating fuel to its neighbor as the trade feud between the two countries deepens.
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Sergi Lanau Aug 14
The collapse of the oil sector in Venezuela is almost unprecedented. On the positive side, history tells us that when countries recover from severe drops in oil output, the increase in production is usually steep and the recovery complete.
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BBG Energy News Aug 17
Drones attacked an oil plant in Saudi Arabia on Saturday but production wasn't affected
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Giovanni Staunovo🛢 Aug 17
CHART: Crude net-positioning of non-commercial accounts in barrels and in US dollars (Brent and WTI futures and options combined)
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