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Su Mohan #WinBlue🗽 #DemsWork4USA🇺🇸 Nov 21
Must defeat Rep. Brad Wenstrup. . Wenstrup is ignoring evidence presented. Just now, with diatribes attacked patriotic witnesses: Dr. Hill and Mr. Holmes. Wenstrup had no question, just loud and direct attack, both content and tone of which were entirely inappropriate.
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Keith Boykin Mar 28
The 9 Republicans on the House Intel Cmte should resign for dereliction of duty: 1. Devin Nunes 2. Mike Conway 3. Mike Turner 4. Brad Wenstrup 5. Chris Stewart 6. Rick Crawford 7. Elise Stefanik 8. Will Hurd 9. John Ratcliffe
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Ellen Lynch Jun 26
. Yesterday Brad Wenstrup voted NAY on the bill to provide emergency aid for the humanitarian crisis on the border. Another fine representative of the . No wonder he won’t hold a Town Hall meeting with his constituents.
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Brad Wenstrup Jul 12
Great to see Owensville Police Chief Mike Freeman while traveling in Clermont last week. Thankful to Police Chief Freeman and all the men and women who protect .
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Charles #GetCovered-ba Nov 19
📣 I was planning on waiting until I crossed the $100,000 milestone (I'm $600 short), but given what jackasses 's Jim Jordan, 's Mike Turner & now 's Brad Wenstrup are being, I'm launching it right now. DONATE TODAY!
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Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸 #DemCast Jun 22
Everyone check out this new podcast from my friends and ! The kickoff episode had the wonderful - last year’s Dem nominee in . Follow and listen up!
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Angela Marx | 👠 #AllInForWarren Nov 19
The US Rep DEMEANED the entire US Intelligence community today, he said members of IC created a "Hoax" of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Like Trump, he repeats the idiot idea that we trust RUSSIA over US Intelligence agencies.
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Su Mohan #WinBlue🗽 #DemsWork4USA🇺🇸 Nov 15
Replying to @agog146 @JRubinBlogger
Defeat Mike Turner and Brad Wenstrup
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Roslyn #KHiveForever #ForThePeople 🇯🇲 🌊🌊 Mar 28
Replying to @keithboykin
Constituents can initiate a recall in California & Arizona. Those states are where Devin Nunes & Rick Crawford are vulnerable. We could start there, first. Then look for candidates to replace Senators in district , OH10, , , , TX23 and .
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Plunderbund Oct 18
Replying to @plunderbund
💰CAMPAIGN FINANCE UPDATE 💰. ✅ REP Brad Wenstrup: $65K individuals, $105K PACs/party
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Kristi Sue Who Nov 13
Yesterday I called the office of and asked him not to embarrass with conspiracy theories and grandstanding today. Not holding my breath.
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JanetGorman 🌊 Jun 9
As has . in and . in . This is why SW Ohio needs to see an end to gerrymandering and the GOP wasteland that is its worst byproduct.
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Ohio Dems May 7
If you live in , is your congressman -- and he's a House committee member. Call him and let him know you support !
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Kay Brizzie 🌲⛄️✨ ❄️✨☃️🌲 Nov 5
Replying to @DavidPepper
Now, we need to oust Brad Wenstrup from . I’m
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Kristi Sue Who Nov 27
I'm so psyched that I'll have someone to work for and vote for in !
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acotter May 13
Closed: Zahns Corner Middle School, Pike Co “An air monitor next to the school…detected Neptunium 237, a radioactive isotope & known carcinogen.” Toxic waste: Dept of Energy working on Gaseous Diffusion Plant campus, closed in ‘01
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Niles Francis ☃️ Nov 25
-He's favored in 2020 -: Trump+14 -: Trump+34 -He won re-election by 17% -: Trump+53 -He's retiring -Cook rates as Safe R -: Trump+16 -: Trump+35 -He's retiring
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Charles #GetCovered-ba Nov 18
Replying to @charles_gaba
NOW, a BIGGER challenge: Who's the clear favorite Dem challenger in any of these?
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*Starry-Eyed*JGC Nov 20
Replying to @brat2381 @ballotpedia
says no one has filed yet as a Democrat for ☹️
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Jason Williams Jun 30
. impressed a lot of Dems in her first ever campaign last year. Though she lost to Brad Wenstrup, Schiller dominated in the Hamilton County chunk of . Is a countywide race next for Hyde Park resident? (Scroll down for more)
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