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DopeQueenCakez Nov 17
I have not been on here in forever but my was
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CA SOS Vote Nov 18
Did you cast a vote-by-mail ballot for the General Election? You can still sign up to track it! Sign up to receive automatic notifications about the status of your vote-by-mail ballot for every election at
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Replying to @GovLarryHogan
Coming from the same guy who said he wrote in ‘s name on ballot 🙄🙄
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Xavier Remis Nov 19
abandons before the election on . That's the difference with abandoned after the result on . ?
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CanadianInFrance Nov 19
Been watching this number since . Hasn't moved an inch. You're done. Goodbye!
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Jadeh.fuquan.williams Nov 21
We too big for him and maga!!!!
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Opoyi Nov 16
Following 's victory in the election, President has refused to concede, and his administration has so far failed to formally acknowledge the veteran as the . Read more:
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JWSpry 🇦🇶 Nov 20
Lots of testing in battleground states, too.
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SHF Nov 21
Another post miracle 🧞‍♂️
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Biden/Harris Won A Fair Election!🇺🇸 3m
! to vote by - even if you were registered to vote on - they’ve purged voter rolls!! - AND ON for & ! Vote for leadership & representation!!!! 🍑🇺🇸
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Xavier Remis Nov 20
She run away and his master, the , do the same. since . They are terrorized by journalists, by the truth. Avoid questions of the journalists in the press meetings is a nonsense. It's not the only one.
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Mooncat Bayou Nov 22
So & , emboldened by their own legends, each bet the other $1 US , he could sell the biggest lie. On , they both lost. It remains to be seen if Americans win.Although , they are both trying to pull an upset.
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B.A.E 💋💎🦋🕊@mpgmayagarriga - VICE👑✈️AF⚓️💚💙❤️ Nov 17
Replying to @baeareavibez
Ya know... ARE FUN AND RIDICULOUS ALL AT THE SAME TIME DEPENDING ON WHEN YOU DO THEM or all the days after... 🤣, sincerely, by 🤣
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Anonymous OC#0392774 Nov 17
Replying to @JoeBiden
Your ecconmy would be the new world order which we the people do not consent to. The was nothing compared to the sheer numbers of what's to come
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Wes Bledsoe Nov 16
Replying to @nytpolitics
Republicans & want fair results and the Democrats are resisting the process. Lindsey Graham doesn't want legal ballots thrown out, he merely wants valid votes to be counted and the ballots received after tossed which is normally the procedure
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RUI♡ Nov 24
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