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Abrea♿️, Flirty🦄& Cadenza🐎 37m
Replying to @Cadenza_33
If you think that accessibility is the summation of life with chronic illnesses or conditions, you haven’t listened to those of us who live with them. Maybe try actually listening before deciding to re-label us?
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mel Apr 9
Annnnd it’s already feeling awkward.... sitting here as a SW at a conference hosted by abolitionists about the evils of human trafficking
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Svetlana Kouznetsova (Sveta) 3h
Non-disabled folks should STOP making decisions for us disabled folks on what words are better to describe us. I’m okay with the words “disabled” & “deaf” & actually prefer those words as someone who is deaf.
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Doug Lindsay 12h
A friend was struggling to find the best example for his nonprofit's data equity discussion with other orgs... I directed him to your story. It was a lot of help to him!
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Dr Satendra Singh, MD 2h
That’s what disability sector want! Wider consultation with people with disabilities. ♿️. Thanks for clarifying Sydney Lord
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K. Pighetti (WRAFT) Apr 11
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John Marble Apr 16
Replying to @phineasfrogg
When we say , it’s generally not for our self-satisfaction. We don’t need to be centered for ego. What we’re calling out for is good design (not that ego can’t trip any one of us up). We’re trying to get them to the starting place.
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Evalicious 7h
For good Sex Worker organisations speak to , , , Then speak to individual sex workers.
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Rose Crompton 6h
Great sources, thank you. It's for a UK publication, so I'll just need to bear that in mind. And 100% - I will be interviewing SW about their social media marketing experiences 😀
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nat  •  (th)ey Apr 17
Replying to @cnugent822 @_SJPeace_
- A big saying in the disability justice community that I live by is and I think unfortunately the designer of these posters didn't consult community members, who would have likely asked for it censored.
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JIA Matters Apr 16
Love the # Such an important sentiment 👍
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Retina Int. Apr 17
Replying to @RetinaInt
Many thanks for your participation and support. 4/n
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Cardiff CannabisCafe Apr 17
Those driving only medicinal cannabis and ignoring recreational use are effectively saying they support county lines, stabbings and 13 year olds doing dabs. ALL cannabis users deserve immediate decriminalisation & access to a safe quality supply.
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Joan Jordan Apr 16
Replying to @nai_ireland
Thanks for the invite
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Lucy Mulvagh Apr 17
Hi! Can people who access services and unpaid carers also contribute?
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UCSF School of Medicine 10h
Join next Thursday, 4/25 to discover how community voices were centered in research exploring placental infection in both North America and Africa. RSVP:
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Tania | AutisticStrategies.Net | #OptimiseAutism 21h
You can't have a 'therapy' which disabled people call abuse. The puts disabled people's rights before those of parents or therapists () in such matters. The UK is a signatory to the .
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Dr Stevie Shoop-Worrall Apr 13
A final, in-depth discussion on how doesn’t always match disease activity from Some fantastic insights into what makes wellbeing - some surprising answers which will definitely be incorporated into our research
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DoubleTrojan Apr 17
We are working desperately in the community to be included in all aspects of ‘s conference. We are told that the conference is made for doctors & scientists. It’s so discriminatory & patronizing! But we will fight On! 💪🏻
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ChildRightsInvClyde 15h
Well done to the pupil's of & who took part in the consultation for the new Anti-Bullying Policy & a new, local Children's Rights Services Award.💡
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