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Murali Kilari Nov 17
Disasters Openings At USA BO Back to back Disasters &
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Official ECI 2h
Election Commission Of India Has Failed In Its Constitutional Duty To Recognise As A Winner And Ordering Reelection. If Public Sentiment Is Clear That They Do Not Trust Any Election Candidate, Why Force One Asks .
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❤GS Madhan Suriya™❤ Nov 17
Is Not A Flop Movie Mind it only Vjd Haters Barking The Statement
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PkDevotee Nov 15
Show Time : 😁
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#RISHI Nov 17
Replying to @MB9875
USA Premiers Gross: 116K Decent Opening...!! His Previous films: : 187K+ : 403K : 190K+
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Saurabh Dewangan Nov 11
Indian politicians be like- I don't speak lies ... I don't understand truth.
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Shivanshu 20m
ITR V was filed and e verification dome om 18th June 2018 but even after 6 months ITR was not processed and no refund issued despite multiple requests. Customer care don't give any ETA. Government is unable to give any justification.
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Deepan Perunthagai Nov 14
is more better than
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ramki 20m
Whom to vote then? is also a party for 4 votes. Not bothered abt as they preach. I AM FOR
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Nandha kumar Nov 12
I vote
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Jayesh Varyani 1h
is totally Anti Men Moreover there are no Men in All Men get united Press these elections
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IndraKiran Nov 17
Moodu moodu Aaru Rowdy CM Joru Icecream ante chillu Rowdy CM dillu Show time
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Chari yob revol Nov 14
Anna Namaku anna vedu vennupotu podustadu nammak asal This man Enjoyed the Collapse of Dont believe the man plz Always for you Participating in team taxiwala with you to show the 🖕4 all the Buggers who made Piracy of taxiwala
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@thedeverakonda · @narendramodi
Lalitha Yadav Nov 17
Hindus need to ask themselves this question : HOW MANY MUSLIMS IN INDIA WILL PRESS THE NOTA OPTION? Answer : NONE. Muslims will vote for Congress like their life depended on it. Hindus should vote for BJP the same way.
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Sarthak Sethi Nov 17
Why should pm of world's largest democracy campaign for his party . Did he think for the country or he think about party. Should we go for this time?
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i'md Zone 1h
Votes during "s bypoll was combined sponsor of TN's all political parties they have given upto LAKH rupees every nota voters
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Rahul D 1h
Replying to @narendramodi
Today is , but you have forgotten the same. But you remember toilet day...
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KingOfTheHill 15h
Replying to @Nuttiesvd
I too felt Any was the weakest part of the story. Comparison with Mehreen's in is apt. Both characters have insignificant roles but given prominence in the stories. Malavika is the 'heroine' in that sense for . And she did so well!
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हिंदुस्तानी Nov 18
How will help if because of it BJP loses and pseudo seculars come to power? Your cause is worth following Prof. but in your emotions and regional cause (which I support) the country’s national interest of keeping pseudo seculars out cannot be compromised.
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HK Nov 17
Just watched .. most underrated film.. A star already. NOTA which bombed at BO is just less than equal to . Hats off to your starpull
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