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John Friedman 22m
There doesn't seem to be much action on Twitter about BIKE MS® ... On my way to New Jersey with team - rider 303 (lowest number yet due to generous donors making this my best fundraising effort ever - $3,000+) Thank you all so much.
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Josh 8m
That's a new one on me! Usually my plain bacon king has catsup and/or mayo still on it. Got home, and this time it was plain. Too plain. No bacon on it! Why is it so hard to get an order right when it's rung up correctly?!
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Duncan Poundcake Esq. Sep 19
Replying to @BBCPolitics
You want clarity? For over THREE years the position has been the SAME: 1. Respect the result. 2. Negotiate a deal that meets Labour objectives. That has not changed in 3+ years. New addition: 3. Any deal goes to a referendum. Is that clear for you now?
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UK Rants: #YellowHammer ate my hamster Sep 18
"NHS is being destroyed". Had he been a simple concerned father, his complaint would've been more specific, related to his sick kid. This is merely Lefty rhetorical garbage. Ergo, the Lefty Activist had his Lefty Activist hat on, not his Concerned Father hat.
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Paul Sambrook Sep 17
Replying to @MatMiles93 @rapsiencyn
I met an Englishman living in Wales recently who didn't know how to pronounce his house name. I said it for him and he repeated it back perfectly He was so pleased he could say it for himself. It was a nice moment
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Tyler Chalk 7h
Replying to @fauldsca
Even better - the coordinators in the ED have direct access to the primary care booking schedule (because they’re all one team) and book the appointment directly. And transportation is arranged at the same time via CSS if the pt needs a ride.
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Thom Armstrong Sep 17
Goodbye to single-focus solutions. We need income and rent supports to make existing homes affordable, an aggressive expansion of new non-market supply delivered by the community housing sector, and more local support for purpose-built rental developments.
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WHS Lady Bullets Softball Sep 16
Regional Champs! Won 8-3 over Athens. So proud of this team! They play with heart and always have each other’s backs! DQ victory stop! Next up Olympia to head to State! 💜💛🥎💪🏼
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Brid Ruddy Sep 12
Why isn’t there an agreed pro remain candidate standing for the pro Remain constituency of South BELFAST?
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arttery 6h
Replying to @brisbanetimes
Heads up, we're in 2019 and dictating to the market is not how capitalism works. People identify with stuff, they buy it. Alienate them and ignore their concerns and they'll go elsewhere.
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Sarah R 20h
take note. Changing timing of lights this morning during take your kid to school time not smart. Nor was painting crosswalks near school at dismissal time next to chic-fil-a...
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Frank Leppard Sep 18
T.D.C Spent a lot of money boading it up would have been better spent doing it up surely ! . It's ridiculous and now an eyesore overlooking the Turner .
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ЕW Sep 16
THAT lavatory. If it was (a) 'solid gold' and (b) 'worth £5m' then why *on earth* wasn't the security better?
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Lindsay’s Mum Sep 16
Any ban MUST be federally-regulated! Otherwise, we’ll be headed down the path of the US, with unenforceable, unmanageable and untracked gun controls across jurisdictions!
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Darren Sep 19
It should have taken 4 seconds to realize what went wrong,
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Chris stocker Sep 18
Coaching in primary schools and feeding them through to schools clubs, then programmes held at high schools & surrounding clubs. A pathway side by side with their school life & education. It does take a lot of work and effort but worth it 👍🏻
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Anthony Sep 18
Replying to @DiscoveryID
Note: If you work at a Bank then there might be a chance you get robbed.
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Kendall Ruth 18h
Replying to @hubs
Yep. There is no money in it and this not a current growth industry. That said, it would seem we could change that equation and make it more viable and single use less so.
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LM 2h
At last it’s recognised. The issue IS NOT Brexit but poor, substandard MPs who cannot be trusted. If the country had untited to deliver the referendum result Brexit would have been delivered more efficiently than the debacle we find ourselves in now.
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Trish Sep 18
When an organisation can reduce or eradicate lack of civility there are huge shifts in motivation
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