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DeuCe TaLL Jun 3
“Hey guys look, we have to be more incognito when we fuck kids, we keep getting caught.” LOLOLOLOLOL
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BleezordLeezord Apr 5
i have always said something fishy is going down at the Vatican!! Pope retires my Arse... he was over thrown by NWO elitests
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Nancie Jun 21
He is dangerous.
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Ken Madley Apr 7
Replying to @RealJamesWoods
These officials in the Catholic Church think that they are helping people escape some sort of personal or religious oppression with their blatant violation(s) of immigration laws. Maybe in 1973? Now, the bad guys have figured out how to take advantage.
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Canadian West 🌬 Jul 10
Replying to @CarrollQuigley1
School boards/donors,Mayors,🌎Banks, MB/CAIR,NATO(some need the boot) iPad Moms, EU/UN & the next devil in the making CANZUK. Hollywood.Broken allies. Secrets: Aliens, WW2, JFK & his boy, TheBlackDahlia, 911, Natalie & Marilyn. His last girlfriend💋
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Anja May 24
Replying to @BreitbartNews
Oh look; the 'religious leader' of the loony left.
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EDX🙏🇺🇸🙏 Jun 14
Replying to @mgrant76308
I’m more worried about the liberal “catastrophe” that we currently have masquerading as a Pope.
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Dikdik Dimorfik (antelope, not gingerbread) May 7
Replying to @Maga4Justice
And the LORD did puff displeasure upon the false prophet ....
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Anja Jun 11
Replying to @theblaze
Although I personally agree, once again this pope ensures more debate and strife. But then again .
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Zuzu Apr 8
Replying to @PamelaGeller
His recent statement of “Let us for the many victims of the latest inhuman attacks in Nigeria and Mali,May the Lord receive these victims, heal the wounded, console their families, and convert cruel hearts.”,should have said, but I still want you to let them in.
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EDX🙏🇺🇸🙏 Jun 5
Catholics should all stop donating to the Church. Speak with your wallet
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Blizzard Lizzard Jun 14
this imposter should be jailed for the coup against the Catholic church. Who ever heard of a pope retiring into seclusion??? Fishy to me
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Barbara Durkin May 9
as he’s embraced a new religion & abandoned the most vulnerable among his flock. I agree. The plan is far more sinister than I have expressed as you have identified.
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AmendmentOne May 14
. doing everything he can to keep the Obama, Francis, Merkel cabal goals intact, and as we see by his edicts, NONE follow the Word of God, just the 'progressive' desires of men with agendas.
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Vickie Pagliai 🇺🇸 Evil prevails when good fails❌ Jul 22
Replying to @Gracie5111
I think the devil is whispering in his ear and he is listening!
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Replying to @no_silenced @RaiseURH
His secrets won’t stay buried.
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Jan Adams Jul 16
Replying to @99freemind @YouTube
Fake pope is going down!
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Emma. Apr 7
Bergoglio adds insult to injury by first denying that the exists in Italy and then saying that the is an entirely, uniquely and solely comprised of Italians.
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Queen Triton Apr 28
Replying to @lloyd4man @crocboy
And I UNdonated to my church for the next five years or until a real Pope takes the reigns!
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The Right News May 5
Pope Francis urges Bulgarians to open their hearts to migrants ‘Is he on drugs?’ 🤔
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