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πŸ’§Emma Meconi 16h
Any Australian that doesn't feel ashamed about what we're doing to innocent people has no conscience, heart or soul. I'm so sorry that this is happening to innocent people. πŸ’”
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FFS. WE NEED TO ACT. NOW. 🌊🌊🌈🌈🌏🌏 14h
Hey !! Just wanted an opportunity to tell you once again that you are the EVER with the EVER. Great legacy eh.
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Christopher Pomfret Jun 24
This is not the Australia I have proudly represented on the international sporting stage. In my 45 years this is not the Australia I have ever known. This is not the Australia I want. I am ashamed too.
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πŸ’§ Sleeping Giants Oz πŸ“£ Jan 14
REMINDER: 17 days until the first scheduled appearance‼️ Let's make sure the Immigration Minister knows Australia doesnt want or need more racist agitators touring the country spreading their division. NO VISAS‼️
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πŸ’§ Sleeping Giants Oz πŸ“£ Mar 3
The Deplorables Tour of Australia is due to commence in Perth in 5 days. Tickets are still being sold, there is NO cancellation notice on the website & the Immigration Minister has not issued any statement regarding their visa appeals.
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πŸ’§Deb 🌱🌏 Aug 29
Replying to @phbarratt
For the second time in their young lives these Australian born kids have been forcefully separated from their parents...shamefully this has been done by Australia...the trauma these kids have suffered as a result is nothing short of criminal...
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Jo Frazer Jan 6
Fraser Anning became a Senator with 19 votes, collects a base salary of over $203,000, entitlements such as ComCars, expense account and a myriad of perks, then defends his attendance at a white supremacist rally with ALL EXPENSES paid for by the Aust taxpayers.
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Peter Taylor Aug 30
Replying to @joshgnosis
$180m plus transport and ongoing detention costs to persecute a family of 4! That's in the nation's interest?
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π–Šπ–Œπ–Žπ–—π–—π–—π–‘π–Žπ–ŠπŸ’§ Jan 2
RT this about disturbing threat to trigger another Cronulla at St Kilda Beach by neo nazis/white supremacists/ extremists of the far-right persuasion
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FFS. WE NEED TO ACT. NOW. 🌊🌊🌈🌈🌏🌏 16h
Whowouldhavethunk?!! Racist White Australia circa 2019 🀨😠
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πŸ’§ Bellingham Lane ❀️🌈 Jun 21
Replying to @Tank9999
Look behind you....the recent election said a lot about Australia and Australians :'( Heartbreaking isn't it.....
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Jason Nov 16
David Marr the only voice of reason, compassion and empathy on this morning. Have the ABC journos been shackled as well?
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Kerry Jaggers Oct 23
You'll need to hurry, . Your initiative in forming the Bring Julian Assange Home Parliamentary Group is encouraging. Feel so ashamed that this PM & his predecessors have wiped their hands of Julian Assange.
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an matin Jan 5
Under Keating we had reasons to begin to feel proud of being Australian. Reconciliation & Land Rights gave us hope that the healing was beginning. Howard etal, undid it all.
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Britt (MaidenWarrior) Sep 1
Replying to @PeterDutton_MP
You are beyond vile. You’re absolutely sickening. This is .
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πŸ’§Selina McGrath Mar 24
Replying to @TwoPaddocks
Reported. What a boofhead. Keep doing what you do Sam.... we love you.
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Kerry Jaggers Oct 24
This LNP mob infuriates me. Reading this article & reminded of Morrison's idiotic cruel phrase: "no unfunded empathy". Who the hell has no empathy for cohorts of Aussies doing it tough?! What sort of person thinks like that?! Kicking people while they're down is 😑
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πŸ’§ Sleeping Giants Oz πŸ“£ Mar 17
Excellent rebut pushes back as News Corp begin the attacks on its critics trying to hide from its appalling history of racism.
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◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️ Dec 29
So when Nazis go to the beach to harass bait and film Australian POC playing a game of soccer, in media world they’re right wing activists not fascist Nazi arseholes ? No! # Do better reporting.
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Dynawilly Oct 31
It's obvious to Blind Freddie that is as corrupt as the day is long. He, like his mate , should be in prison. The fact they get away with it, with no roadblocks by other Parties or the media, has me thinking a revolution is brewing.
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