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Mark Sullivan 10m
Replying to @Danburden1138
I’d rather have the butler from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.
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شاورما🌯 Aug 15
So there is this recent movement that encourages women to let menstrual blood flow freely without using pads/tampons. It’s encourages to collect the blood and make art with it or return the blood back to mother earth.
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Nevin Hess Aug 16
Replying to @TerryHillsMaint
A few seasons ago one of them told me it was because he needed time to adjust his sleep cycle before going back to school.
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Henry Schechter Aug 16
why has a 9:26 flight #1146 been delayed twice already today? Inbound flight two days ago was delayed as well.
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#MuricaUno Aug 15
please tell me you’re considering running for office, I truly think you’d be able to make a serious impact and balance the ⚖️ of social justice.
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Nikita Kronenberg 1h
Hey, letting y’all know that you can get these plain banners at a craft store for $6. They’re great to display . I’m all about that .
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Pooja Lakshmin MD Aug 16
You are so good at them. You should teach a class on them.
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Richard J. Lee Elementary Aug 16
Replying to @Ruby__Bryant
We have one!!!
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hobodrunk Aug 16
It’s time to partner up with .
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Money Savvy Mindset | Chris Aug 17
Stuck at 666 followers.. Someone unfollow me or refer a friend.
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Shawn Stobbsy Stobbs Aug 17
My dad moved and never sent me his new addy 😂
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#MuricaUno 23h
Why is this being delayed, someone fill me in please
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Raj 🦅 #VoteDem 🗽 Balasubramanian Aug 17
Prolly not, cuz underwear-on derpowitz vouched 4 evil orange-hair furby. 😐
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Rodney C. Root Aug 17
I own a training facility in Bloomington, IN. Let's get New Balance, Puma, or Converse on board and start this travel team. I'll start getting 💰🎒👜 ready.
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Brent Peterson Aug 16
Replying to @MODPizza @Pineapple
I'll just keep my pineapple as a side dish to my perfectly cooked pizza
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Mike Burkhart Aug 9
Replying to @sthulin
I don't disagree: ice cream cakes are deeply personal, and should be treated as such.
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K9 Bleu & Officer Peterson Aug 17
Replying to @rccoke47 @A_Tuck338
The jail told us to stop bringing people.
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Kelsey L. Yellowsky (Don't be shy) #Followback Aug 10
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Caitlyn Aug 14
When your ride for the week moves faster than your brain... 💨
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Boudicca (Ms) Single space. FBPE.🏳️‍🌈 Aug 16
Fucks sake.just read all the political statements from my time away (5 days) and I’ve come to the conclusion that we need a fearless leader willing to take us into battle against the Brexit army and smash it to shit.Any ideas who can do that? 🤔
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