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Shay Mitchell Aug 21
Throwback to when I thought this was having a bump...
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Ned Luke Jul 22
Almost six years later and still kicking ass.
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Parrot Of The Day 🦜 Aug 25
but a great bird, so we’ll allow it
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Diggs Ricci Jul 19
Replying to @luisrdavi
Pitch 7 was Ball 4 instead of Strike 3 on Bellinger 🤬
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❀Esperanza❀ Mar 6
Don’t disrespect carne asada fries like that.
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Blake Patrick Apr 14
This highlight reel is what my buddies and I thought we looked like when we were in the yard and lowered the hoop to 6 feet.
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Tina Nelson Jun 26
Replying to @hqwords
Um no. Y’all can’t even stop the game from glitching. And you want us to pay he same we do for Spotify?
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𝚍𝚘𝚞𝚐 𝚣𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚛 Mar 1
Lyft driver is trying to guess what I do for a living. I gave him three chances to ask about my background. Here’s what he thought I do: Guess #1: CFO of major company Guess #2: VC Guess #3: Lawyer
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Jessica Thompson Jun 28
Most beautiful place in Baseball.
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TJ Deere Jun 26
I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon and I would go as far to say is the most influential coach/mentor in Bettendorf history.
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Rozzie Jul 31
Replying to @MasterO3_TGC
Religion def/n- the belief in & worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp a personal God Science def/n- the intellectual & practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure & behaviour of the natural world through observation & experiment.
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Matt Ellis May 3
Remember when they tried to compare Powell-Pepper with Dusty 😂🐯
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Dan Forkapa Apr 23
A random dude just asked me for my autograph thinking I was Jason Kipnis...Bro, what?
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Rick Weaver Jul 23
There isn’t a harder working group of athletes at Defiance than our boys and girls cross country teams.
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Chris Coffey Aug 9
Replying to @Super70sSports
Was eating at a hotel restaurant a few months ago, when a couple seated next to me started arguing about whether this song came out in 1992 or 1993.
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Sampo swivels vs. the other guys...
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Reid Rose Apr 10
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Ash Denton May 4
Just had a nice walk around the Ivy in Manchester because I can’t read a message properly and went to the wrong place 😐 I’m supposed to be in Didsbury
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Jason Cloutier Jul 12
Replying to @exavierpope
Funniest thing I ever saw was a bunch of college baseball players trying to hit a college softball pitcher!
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Savannah Hollis Jun 4
Woke up thinking it was Saturday only to realize it’s actually Tuesday.
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