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I wish I could go out for waffles. Doesn't feel super reliable but testing out the Wafel node in Sverchok for making some kind of waffle structure pavilions with controllers for the support positions.
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We are rapidly approaching 550 on the network Thank you to all our supporters who , run and contribute to our community!
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Riyue Sunny Bao, PhD Oct 24
This is mine. This is also mine. Y’all are mine. - when I see freed up on
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Blender Sushi Guy + 🐌 making life more blendful 3h
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Blender Sushi Guy + 🐌 making life more blendful 9h
One of my original sculpture based on H.R. Giger. Using Suzanne Monkey head skull as brush. Video tutorial uploading….
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Blender Sushi Guy + 🐌 making life more blendful Oct 24
Using Sverchok with Kushiro "Attach Align"
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Astrologer Sujay Oct 22
Venus square now! is facing challenging aspects. Advice for singles is not to Force yourself into love because of external factors. U can always wait to meet the right person. Real love begins within & is shared with person u love.
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I will be livestreaming some beginner Sverchok stuff over on discord in around 30 minutes
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Warming up for with this Halloween themed vector displacement for this week's discord challenge. A fairly simple setup but I always struggle so hard to get materials on the right areas.
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IDCA 16h
Is the redundancy within a SINGLE data center node/site (DCN) more important than redundancy among MULTIPLE data center nodes (DCNs)? Hint:
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Aman Kumar Oct 25
Replying to @amankrsingh03
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Gargi Chakravorty Oct 23
analysis in gist in tips
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Moses Divine Oct 26
RT : RT : The Keepers of the or sticking with our analogy, keepers of the book.
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The recording from Saturday's livestream just went live
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From 400 to 500 in 3 days. Now nearly 19,000,000 is being for People are getting ready for the release of and its inbuilt and ability to transact real in 5 seconds.
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BlockChainNewb Oct 25
stats page showing 126 at 10 million each equals over 9 million locked in with stand by recently announced. Tell me again how isn’t in the top 50 yet? Top 10 shortly... please start reporting correctly.
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Igor Os Oct 24
AI-Man a handy guide to video game artificial intelligence - Raspberry Pi. In the latest issue of Wireframe magazine, readers discovered how non-player characters make decisions by tinkering with...
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Red Hat, Inc. Oct 23
Last summer we tested Platform scaling by connecting over 500 overcloud . Now with 16.1, we are scaling to over 700 nodes. Get the details:
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Boncryp XRP 6h
*N.America & Europe Rule the Lightning * A Report from the of Vienna, 45% of all Network run in N.America, with a large majority in the US *Europe is the second region on the list, with 43.1% of the World’s Nodes
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Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE) Oct 22
Presenting concerns&introducing the concept: of certainty 4 dilemmas in & engineers -ambassadors 4 responsible development of new at Full ppt👉 ❗️Final report mid-Nov
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