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Vishal Singh Sep 14
An tribal chief who is fighting to protect the rainforest has been put forward as a candidate for the 2020 .
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Ana Sep 15
MALALA getting shows how big frauds these International Organizations are!
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Gilbert Alessandro Sep 16
Another Award he doesn't deserve...
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Gayatri Borpatragohain 🇮🇳 🐾🌱 Sep 15
Which education? The one which put a bullet on your head? That certainly was not Kashmir. Who is stopping you from going back to Pakistan? You impudent con artist, just return the immediately!
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Arun Bothra Sep 15
was selected & used by Nobel Prize Committee to make a convenient political statement. Malala has used to make convenient political statements.
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M. K. Srivastwa Sep 15
Replying to @AjitKDoval_NSA
Once, in an interview, she had divulged that her 1st Mission is to spread in India, for which she adopted the process of and on the basis of Service she was chosen for this was really a to the whole of the world
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Chetan Sep 16
Now I m thinking nobel prize for peace is nothing but shitt. I got this doubt after seeing malala tweets.
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BeyondUltra 17h
Replying to @DrJillStein
And he’s the only winner to have killed another winner (via drone stroke on a doctor’s without borders hospital)
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Prabhas Meher Sep 15
Kailash Satyarthi got the at the age of 60 for his life long work. got it at the age of 17 to use it life long.
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tenchiayase Sep 17
Thank you Senator! SAD! .
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Akhil Tripathi Sep 17
Replying to @MalalaFund @Malala
U r just a shame on the name of
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Economic Times Sep 16
A day after winner Malala Yousafzai expressed concern for Kashmiri residents and girls who are 'too scared to leave their homes', Indian Twitter had some questions for the Pakistani activist.
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Priyanka shukla Sep 15
bullet surviving is not the qualification for . Every time you tweet something nonsense and you downgrade the value of . An overrated hypocrite.
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Xxx Sep 15
Nobel prize used to be valuable and respected before Malala. Once you reward fraud, you become the fraud.
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रॉबिन Sep 14
Kailash Satyarthi () should have boycotted sharing of with Malala (). How, The Norwegian Nobel Commitee compared 20+ years of hard work of Kailash Satyarthi with a girl surviving a bullet attack in a terrorist nation?
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Ascendino Santos Souza Sep 17
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Malathi S Sep 14
Replying to @Malala
Here is what three billion people told me, in their own words: "The only reason for giving her the was to expose the terrorist activity in her county. She does not deserve the highest prize but a poster girl used by western world to high light terrorism."
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Rajath Rachappaji Sep 15
Dear you are responsible for the existance of this kind of piece of shit.
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Bharath Bhat Sep 16
Some of the biggest frauds to get are (In no order) Yasar Arafat (This one shocked me) Mother Teresa
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Ashok Raiji 22h
Not being a recipient of the is a gross injustice to .
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