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Unceded Clothing Jan 19
Replying to @UncededClothing
While everyone is here I’d like to say that Indigenous lands are being destroyed for oil and greed (stand with Unist’ot’en, , ), Native reservations all throughout Turtle Island are hit hard by the shutdown, and countless numbers of our women are going missing.
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Jon Ziegler “Reb Z” 14 Nov 17
St. Louis - Activists LockDown Wells Fargo -
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Christi Belcourt May 31
Pipelines do not sustain life on earth. Water does.
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Naát'áaníí Nez Means Oct 20
Reports that Men are approaching young indigenous women in Minnesota casinos around White Earth, Red Lake, and Leech lake offering opportunities for them to model. These are sex traffickers praying on our communities. Please spread the word.
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Naát'áaníí Nez Means Jan 27
Not gonna lie. It’s like -40 in Minnesota. I’m avoiding going back. Lol fuck it i guess.
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Leau Est La Vie Camp Jan 16
Replying to @NoBayouBridge
"And after all these hundreds and hundreds of year there Randy, you are still perpetuating the same hate and harm on Indigenous women. We don't like it. We are not going to let you have peace when we can't have peace in our own territories.”
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Extinction Rebellion Twin Cities Feb 9
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BearWolf Feb 6
When Are People Going To Realize We Live On Water And Are Conceived In It?
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“Enbridge has a $16-billion inventory of projects which are scheduled to come into service between 2019 and 2023.”
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Rafa Dec 31
In 2018: Lost a gang of weight and got healthy again. Did loads of healing. Won a few grants. Joined the fight. Quit drinking. Started my business. Completed my first headlining hip hop tour in Europe. Launched my website. Received my Dakota name. Pretty cool
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Anti-colonial Land Defense Jan 26
Anti-colonial Land Defense positively disrupted Minnesota Governor Tim Walz's visit to the Cloquet Labor Temple near the Fond du Lac Reservation with a reminder banner reading, "No Line 3, 5, & 67,"!
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Jordan Sep 18
Update: Today in Knoxville, St. Louis, Detroit, Seattle, Portland protesters demonstrated outside of Bank of America & Wells Fargo, demanding they divest from Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Also--a group of indigenous protecters halted Enbridge Line 3 construction
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Rafa Feb 4
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Brian Yazzie Jan 15
Push to have big banks like withdraw from funding pipelines. Humanity over greed, right? It's time for someone at the table to actually help the Indigenous people in the northern states.
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Shawn Olson 🔥🌊🌎 Jan 24
Replying to @SenSanders
Miigwech! Bernie is the ONLY 2020 candidate to stand up for , , and so strongly. Where are the others?
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Dr. William Kaya Erbil 7h
War is Evil. Jesus is King. is a way to impeach and have in tha Big and
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No Line 3 Feb 15
Our sacred sites are apart of our identity. When they are destroyed, it kills a piece of who we are. Line 3 = cultural genocide.
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Appalachians Against Pipelines Jul 31
Becky was arrested earlier this morning and taken from where she sat in her 1971 Ford Pinto blocking MVP construction at the base of Peters Mountain (former site of treesits and monopod). She's now been released.
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Shawn Olson 🔥🌊🌎 Feb 6
Replying to @Ilhan @GovTimWalz and 2 others
Everyone follow for updates on the 4 that shut down Line 3 a few days ago and were just released on bail. #NecessityDefense#eco
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For The Wild Feb 12
Replying to @Enbridge
's Line 3 will pass through the most pristine waters, shallow aquifers, and permeable soil types in the north, along with the largest natural manoomin (wild rice) beds in North America. This pipeline is being opposed by 5 Ojibwe nations in northern Minnesota.
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