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VS 21h
Replying to @DebraMessing
If this were my son, I would feel like such a failure as a parent.
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Laurie B Boise 15h
Those deplorable kids went to a divisive rally wearing divisive MAGA clothing items, shouting divisive language. #
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Bob Jan 20
owes an apology to the for that no call on third down. There is .
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Tyr 16h
We're given the chance to win everyday. If these opportunities arent taken. Then the only expectation left, is one of failure.
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simon hicken 24h
⁩ this needs to be sorted. Outside a school (Owston Park Primary) in Skellow blocking the footpath. Think it’s ok because it’s outside there own home
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Luu Kubheka Jan 18
Since forever. Throats NEVER close. ❤🍻
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Muzas.Lda 2h
pffitness The House Of The Braves
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Dylan Church Jan 19
Rules are explained before every fight.
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Ron Thomson Jan 20
Hay maybe some day you can actually EARN a trip to the y’all don’t deserve this one. The is a false championship this year. All integrity is lost. should be ashamed,
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Speak Up Jan 18
"It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I will not be silent" ~~~ Madeleine Albright
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Zibuse 9h
It's sad to learn that after an interview on on 21 Jan 19 with she became a victim of domestic violence. This can't be happening in a day & times such as these. We condemn any and all forms of domestic violence and GBV
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SWP Neath 3h
PCSO Jones this morning held a joint dog fouling operation with in the Cadoxton, Aberdulais and Cilfrew area of Neath. No fixed penalty notices issued. More operations to be conducted in the coming weeks
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Brian Stultz Jan 20
Replying to @YahooForde @r_spring21
All true. Also true that was a very very bad missed call.
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B Taylor 1h
Replying to @kelcmalia
Wow...extremely sad and disturbing
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ohpleaze Jan 19
Replying to @CNN
He still an elder, and they were there to tell women what to do with their bodies. They couldve been quiet and respectful.
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Dr. Ashish M. Urkude 10h
564: Frankly we don't have to search for inspiration here and there, we are all surrounded by inspiring personalities. Here is a tiny proof😃🙏👏😇🐒. Ms. Arya, youngest…
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it’s really irritating when techs keep promising you when something will be fixed, give you exact deadlines, but keep failing to help paying customers. Poor customer service
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Halesowen Police 22h
Halesowen NHT have visited roads around local schools in Halesowen and PFN tickets have been issued to vehicles causing obstruction and leaving in a dangerous position. Please be mindful when dropping or collecting children at school times.
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RDO Lisa Burnett Jan 17
contacted us as they attended a vehicle fire with suspect on scene. attended and arrested the male for driving whilst unfit. Log 25
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❦ Rίλ Mλરίλ LΘƲίȘλ Jan 20
Replying to @Bloemkleur @labantje
Shooting at you're own people! Shame on you police! Even if the president ordered you to do so, its you're own decision to ame and shoot.. what if your friends, family or neighbours were one of them.. Stop this plz!!
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