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FluidIce Apr 20
Replying to @thunderf00t
The mythical pink-haired feminists I talk to nowadays are way more reasonable than these edgelords. Also, I found myself aligned with What a world.
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Ramon Agusta OBE Apr 11
It's unbelievable that can't oust May, the worst PM in living memory when they ousted the best, Margaret Thatcher, in a few days.
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Richard Fox Apr 11
A swan song so out of tune it's like fingers nails dragged down a chalk board. Remove May, Hammond, Clarke and Liddington as a start of the detox now then you might, just might get a few votes.
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Paul Clancy 8h
Replying to @BillCashMP
The whole thing is an embarrassment thanks to the remoaniacs in parliament and especially those in government who have betrayed democracy, we should be out by now on WTO rules working towards an FTA.
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Rick O'Shea Apr 10
Christ. If you are in particularly masochistic form this morning you should check out the hashtag. Talk of the EU crumbling when the UK leaves, evil empires, how they experienced hardship during the war and they were grand, and WTO rules being a great idea...
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Nicholas Walker Apr 2
Replying to @bbclaurak
I did vote remain but the way MPs are trying to accomplish this by making everything else unworkable is sickening!
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Joel Chilaka Mar 29
Look who we bumped into! The Brexit Hero, a true man of principle. He’ll get stick from the wets but we’re fully behind him. Keep doing what you’re doing the people support you
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B'stards Broke My Brexit Apr 9
Despite all the MSM black ops propaganda, No-Deal is the most popular option. People aren't stupid.
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LoAfMaN Apr 15
Actually wiŁŁ mean we çan disown the illogical EU immigration laws and reduce intake to people who will benefit the UK 🇬🇧 Not people who will take from the system and provide nothing in return.
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James Deegan MC Mar 29
Just keep this one at the back of your minds. Every single one of them and many others couldn’t look at themselves shaving in the mirror. They genuinely think we are an underclass.
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Mark Griffin 🇬🇧 Apr 11
Replying to @JamesCleverly
Oh shut up James, no one believes you or frankly cares; you will be punished in forthcoming elections due to your twisting & turning on Mays unacceptable WA deal!
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EU Flag Mafia Apr 4
If anyone says No Deal was the default leave position at the time of the referendum, they are lying. This graphic proves it.... Spread it round widely please.
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ThoriumPwr 2.0 Apr 20
. France, Spain, Italy & Greece all have nightmarish debt to GDP ratios; and their leaders don't have the guts to tell the Marxists "You can't spend what you don't have." We've done all we can with Europe, they're not dragging us down.
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Arwyn Apr 11
Question: "Do you approve the 6 months ?" Looks pretty clear to me. We, French People stand with our British neighbours in these dark hours for Holdfast you Roastbeefs ! 😉
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It's Steve 🇬🇧 Apr 7
Replying to @DavidLammy
A sample of 1500 people 😂 No doubt London too. So, it's utter bollocks. Majority of the country outside of London support NO DEAL.
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🌱 Jane ✌️ 🇬🇧#WakeUpUK Apr 8
Replying to @localnotail
I do not believe that enough people in the UK understand what it means to leave without a deal. Far from Brexit being , it's a lot more like . Turns out ProjectFear was a lot closer to BrexitReality Neither party wants to admit it
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Karsten Groeger 6h
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Mark ne-Francois-pas MP Apr 6
Even though I lost my membership card in TGI Fridays last month, I will metaphorically be keeping hold of it because the future of are country depends on it.
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Gregor Peric Apr 11
Hahaha, , you’ve just made my day.
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LoAfMaN Apr 16
Nope! Never gonna happen! we Nęvęr wanted these unelected Bureaucrats diçTaTing us. Łook at what they did to mañY mainland EU çountries. Saddening!
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