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Are Not An Bot 12m
A blind eel is better than a kneel!
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suze eggleton 4h
Replying to @Femi_Sorry
The majority DID want to leave the EU, - any way is fine by us, as long as we actually LEAVE, and it looks like is the only way.
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quickpolitics 53m
If we leave the EU with or without a deal, where does that leave the Brexit part? Are they a one stop party or are they here to stay?
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Conservatives For A Peoples Vote 6h
There is some truth in this article by but the solution he offers is not an option. If the become the party of they lose the support of the other half of its members and voters - and all of the business community.
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Patrick Lohlein 7h
A party that panders to the whims of the uninformed, who buy into a vision of a future based on isolationism that is unworkable and unsustainable, cannot be the party that represents business interests at the same time. is the
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Richard Calhoun 3h
Clearly we are not ready ... hence we need to exit on a and come to the negotiating table when things have settled in a couple of years
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Matt W 1h
The way its going Le Penn's gonna gain power in France so its next. Why do u think Macrons coming across as the hard man. He knows a puts the final nail in his coffin. No European Army then thank god.
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Fat 35m
Replying to @KeechA13
are trapped if they go for question is why do they think Old/New PM can achieve it when couldn't before. If it's a deal, then PM needs point out how disastrous is & irresponsible it is which begs question why did Tories claim it was an option before.
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Chris Miller Apr 21
To be fair, I think approx 75% of the electorate, as well as MPs, think is off the cards. We must have a deal. The decision then, I think, should be between May's hard-ish deal and a softer one that 48% of the population could tolerate.
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Skib 19h
Replying to @Change_Britain
Yep I'm sick of how they have tried to use racist propaganda & Nazi Germany as some sort comparison🤦to me it is disturbing that they will sink that low because they have not gotten there own way. Leaving the EU can not come soon enough 👍👍
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Are Not An Bot 5h
An idle wheel is better than a grapefruit peel!
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Karen Sullivan 2h
Replying to @DLMWrites
How much have we wasted on and contingencies, too? These kids are OUR future, ALL of us. It's shameful.
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Matt W 8h
Replying to @petertimmins3 @labour
Its to sit on the fence, with a foot on both view points until they decide which route will win them the most votes. Labour .... The payday loan party. Party now, pay later. Reports say a Corbyn Gvt will have same nett effect on economy as a
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Dean Abstract Artist 🇬🇧 16h
They've been so busy trying to run the EU for the benefit of themselves and France, then trying to punish us for daring to leave, they've shot themselves in the foot.
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Simon Bye 🔶 Apr 21
I don't mind if someone really thinks brexit is the best way forward. I don't agree but that's up to them. What I do mind is when people claim it is the only option. That's blatantly untrue.
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Me Apr 18
Replying to @snb19692
£39 billion up for grabs when we leave
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david Apr 21
In case anyone wonders, "how did Jimmy Carter lie" [besides initially denying he lusted in his heart, which was more than we needed to know (was he "lusting" for Hillary Clinton's Presidency?)]? He accused President Ford of having made a deal to Pardon President Nixon …
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Arron Newcombe 16h
Paper straws are the worst, get me a photo of a baby turtle with a plastic carling holder round it’s neck and me downing a can with the Union Jack in the background stepping on Teresa May’s head🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
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Business School Buddhist Apr 21
MagicMoneyTree /1 Anyone who’s in favour of the U.K. unilaterally withdrawing from the EU, without a withdrawal treaty...
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Knicks Korea Apr 15
Replying to @knicksjets4life
I stopped reading at Mitch
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