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Senator Chris Coons Jun 13
Another American separated from his family as a result of the President’s cruel travel ban. There is no reason for this suffering. We should pass the . “A Year Later, Travel Ban Waivers Still Elusive” via
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Beit Hisda Aleph ✡️ 2h
Stand with refugees & support the ⬇️
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Saheleh Jun 11
😔If I could invite my parent to the US, I could see my Dad for the last time 😔 Now I’m thinking about my mom😔 so when could I see her again before it’s gonna be too late?
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Katti kiarash 16h
Replying to @KamalaHarris
Then please do something! The kids at the border, people affected by the I’m loosing my chances of becoming a mother! And I’m just 30 years old because of all the stress and hardships I’m going through 😓
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zora ga Jun 16
Our nuclear family had been apart for long time to Travel Ban. And we need to show Hardship !!!!!when the Ban had separated me and my son from my husband for a killing long time , we still need to file and prove to show Hardship??Is not obvious ??!!NO ban act
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ميكال كينيا Jun 13
Trump’s Muslim ban is a discriminatory, bigoted act of Islamophobia. It’s time we put the Muslim ban into the dustbin of history where it belongs and pass the .
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Dr.Amin Sirati Jun 16
I’m a dentist who have been separated from my wife who is a U.S citizen and a PharmD student due to the . The words even can’t express the level of hardship that we are experiencing everyday. Pls check out my story here & be our voice
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Muslim Advocates Jun 18
Out of all 3 members from the Delaware delegation, only ONE is standing up for religious freedom for all by sponsoring the . Thank you for your leadership!
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Katti kiarash Jun 11
Replying to @RepJudyChu
Dear Rep Chu, we affected by the are severely suffering! This long distance relationship is killing us little by little 😔 Why should I be separated from my husband after 5 years of marriage 😔 please do something 😔
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Katti kiarash 19h
Replying to @maggieNYT
😓oh my God He’s doing the exact same thing to people affected by the I’ve been separated from my husband for more than 2years now
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Farzad Parsi Jun 15
850 days on Started Wednesday, 15 February 2017 To, Saturday, 15 June 2019 73,440,000 seconds 1,224,000 minutes 20,400 hours 121 weeks and 3 days
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Katti kiarash Jun 18
Replying to @RepCummings
Dear Rep.Cummings, you know the value of a family,more than anyone else... I want to start my own family to, I dream of becoming a mother as well... Please is killing us😓
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Muslim Advocates Jun 10
How many more families will be separated before we ? Pooyan's parents are unable to visit their son in the U.S. because of . now! via .
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A Crafty Arab #RepealTheBan 16h
Today is 359 days that America has had the You remember? The one that was only to be for 90 days? To keep Americans safe?
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Ashkan Jun 13
Replying to @ChrisVanHollen
Many senators talk about or . Even they have bill in Senate . But what we have right now?? Are we win in this tournament?? was passed?? Waiver has been cancelled?? What we do??
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Ryan A. Mace Jun 12
Replying to @ryanamace
-We've been waiting for you to allow to come for a vote. -We've been waiting for you to stand up to policies that cut refugees coming to the US to historic lows -We've been waiting for you to speak out about the fundamental human rights of asylum-seekers & migrants
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Wardah Khalid Jun 16
"We did not include the words 'national security' in the because the Muslim ban was enacted under the guise of national security. We didn't went to enforce that." - Manar Waheed of
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Bryer - Resist 🌊 FBR 14m
Sign if you agree with Khizr Khan: “Discrimination in our immigration system is not acceptable and not the American Way.” via
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Saeedeh 5h
Replying to @USAdarFarsi
شما خبرهاي ايران ميدهيد اينرا باز تاب دهيد كه من مادري هستم كه از دخترش دور است I am far from my only daughter. She is a physician; lives alone in Iran w/o any family. Please echo our voice
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Mother Jun 16
This is another holiday my husband and I not together. had affected our family in a way we have never imagined. Adopting our son was the best thing that happened to us and we can even enjoy that together.
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