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Mufti Ismail Menk Nov 18
This evening, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most humble & sincere world leaders, and presented him with my book, Motivational Moments. May the Almighty bless him & his beautiful country.
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Boason Omofaye 13h
Once again, has failed to finally complete the country's #1 highway: Lagos-Ibadan. Delivery date moved forward to 2021 and no longer 2019 ending. Not even 2018.
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Amnesty Int. Nigeria Nov 18
; Journalists Arrested this year: -Tony Ezimakor, detained by DSS in March. -Musa Abdullahi Kirishi, detained by Police in March. -Samuel Ogundipe, detained in August. -Meanwhile, Abiri Jones was unlawfully detained by DSS for 2 years.
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Ify Chris Ngonadi 15h
Atiku says he wants to "get Nigeria working again". Ask him if he paid the pensioners he laid off when they liquidated Nigeria airways, NITEL and Rail after 20+ yrs? It took the 'action PMB' to remember those victims of Atiku's inhumanity. NEVER worked under them.
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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Nov 16
The transformation of Jubril Aminu to replace dead Buhari, an evil that will destroy the demonic and free millions of lives. I will expose the dirty work of the Nigerian ruling cabal tomorrow on Radio at 6 pm. Be ready to embrace the beginning of your freedom.
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Exploring Naija Nov 16
The first plane to land in landed in Kano in 1925. In total, three planes landed at the end of the same day in Kano.
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Paul Wallace 12h
Here's one reason why prices have recently crashed: in just the past year, the US has increased production by the equivalent of 's entire output.
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Nwankwo Maduabuchi Nov 17
I feel very sorry for those of you that watch TVC and Channels Television--- Nnamdi Kanu
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George 2h
We will continue to say; never again! Buharia is the greatest disaster (both natural&man-made) to befall . We must never forget, he is the grand patron of Miyetti Allah/Fulani herdsmen militia. He is a tyrant and a despot.
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Happy Monday beautiful fans ☺
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Sanne Steemers Nov 18
has the second cheapest in the world. No wonder government has no money left for education and roads after the fuel subsidies.
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Jide Akintunde 11h
Since is in a dire need of fundamental economic progress, IT IS TIME to elect a President who has intellectual knowledge & practical experience in economic management: . 2019 is not the time to go to a “successful” carpenter to fix your health issues.
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howfar 8h
we have options beyond APC and PDP. This man here has recognized that we do and that is a very good option for Nigeria.
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📣IPOB ONE FAMILY👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 and the why are u all silent over what is happening in this country called 🇳🇬 the giant of Every body now no is saying the truth about the impostor Jubril from Sudan Why not act now, act now🤹👇⚠️
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Olubunmi Oyinsan 6h
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Ipobalmeria2018simon 10h
#TheAtikuPlan# nobody can fix Nigeria is over because of the atrocities genocide against the indigenous people Biafra umuchinaeke # the killings of innocents Biafrans make impossible to make one Nigeria work#we are Biafrans not Nigerians now#BiafraReferendum
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Chuba Ugwu 3h
"If I don't sell, my baby won't have any food tonight" ~ graduate mother hawker of kids' undies, with her wide-eyed 1yr old only child strapped to her back. Every one of us in this bar (married & single; broke and liquid) bought up kids' panties. Buhari has killed
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Martin Patience Nov 14
My life has been undeniably less dramatic since I left
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: media , & likes. is your second nature as Nigerian Every is a criminal & can do all things bcos of Money are cheat, forgers & deceiver. is a British damnable entity. .
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Buhari Kicks Off Re-Election Bid As Presidential Race Starts
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