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Clare Gregor Dec 12
Replying to @UKGovScotland @scotgov
Yet we make Scotland an unattractive place for higher rate tax payers on less than 100k. Room for another tax band but let's squeeze the middle some more 😡
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stephen hubber Dec 11
is the unwelcome reminder of everyone’s sore loser. The prom queen without a beau, the one whose cake flopped at the village fete. A Tupperware queen without a realm. Just whisht!
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john henry 15h
someone please tell me when we are likely to have a competent opposition at Westminster?? What would do? (2/2)
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desirableART Dec 17
We had a vote did you miss it, I see a Scottish flag funny the lost two referendums and wants a rerun of both I bet at her home there lots of toys on her bedroom floor
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Hugh Janus Dec 12
Am I the only person who hates . Miserable opportunist. Useless government
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Happy Bongmore 11h
Replying to @JMBEuansson
One trick pony, ahead of ? Not even my disbelief can be suspended *that* much!
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Sam Wise 🏳️‍🌈🎅 Dec 16
calls for Labour to table motion of no confidence in government. When asked why SNP won’t do it she says “well we could consider it”. Why not just do it? Plenty to say but no action.
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Neil Mukherjee Dec 16
It is our duty as citizens to protect the unity of our nation - I will have to oppose you as your political persuasion is a threat to the unity of our nation
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Pablo Pesto Rides Again Dec 12
Do you understand what the word troll actually means in the context of social media. You should look it up and then think about your very own before making silly remarks.
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🇬🇧Jordan Rossiters Shorts🇬🇧 Dec 13
Replying to @theSNP @NicolaSturgeon
We have a lame duck PM in Scotland as well
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John S Dec 16
wants another vote about having a vote about something how many votes does she need to loose before she gets the message need to dump her for good why is the still putting out her crap
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Peter Corr Dec 17
Have you not realised yet that there is no organised opposition in UK parliament
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Helen Grieve Dec 17
Is shortbread now discriminatory to ? 🤔🤔🤔
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Rachael Johnson Dec 17
Can't believe I missed this conversation: and Rachel Kushner meets Nicola Sturgeon: ‘I'm so glad I'm a novelist and not a politician’
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James Dec 10
How do I get to vote for ? My current MP is Farage tickler
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Andrew Moore Dec 10
“A coherent Brexit plan” another in the extensive series of Brexit oxymorons.
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desirableART Dec 13
Are you lol
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Craig Williams Dec 12
So Scottish Independence looks like a really good idea right now....
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EU Remain #FBPE #FBSI Dec 17
heaps pressure on Corbyn to call no-confidence vote - The National via
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Martin Morrey Dec 12
Shame then, that her party's primary reason for existence, is to split the country.... ...almost inevitably with a hard border
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