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not_a_bot May 22
Nexit? More like NEExit.
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Jelle Simons May 23
85% of Dutch voters voted for pro EU parties. Nexit is dead in the water.
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ItsBear May 22
Am I a bad person for wanting the purely to see what will happen?
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Paul🌈 May 20
Replying to @TimmermansEU
The EU has destroyed my life and carreer. My Syrian neighbours living in the apartment above me, keeping me awake every night (on purpose), i've lost my previous job and i will loose my present job. Autorities do nothing about it.
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RjSeeker May 22
Replying to @RjSeeker1
[-] ABOUT THE DEBATE: Rutte claims will be a catastrophe for the Netherlands. Actually, this is not really true either... If the UK leaves the EU, the UK will do a lot better than they are doing now... The UK is a rich country. Staying in the EU will only hurt them more.
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therealDarryl May 21
I'm going to laugh so hard if a happens before the . Still hoping for the best though, let's get the hell out before things get truly ugly.
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Geert Wilders May 20
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Laptopvrouw May 23
It’s a long way to a
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MCL ن May 23
Now Netherlands want to
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zwetweter 20h
Replying to @gasolinebrother
Istie ?
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Roland van Gaalen 🇪🇺🌈 May 23
Replying to @markbeunderman
So you expect 15 or more + 6 or 7 = only 25% roughly in favor of ? Then your "Largest vote for Dutch EU exit supporting parties history expected" = hype. Because in that case some 75% NOT in favor of .
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marianne 10h
Alles heeft met elkaar te maken ... Five Eyes tried to set up George Papadopoulos using hot blonde and $10K ... via
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Kromn May 21
They get to keep all of the money that they used to send to the EU, I mean, King's Landing.
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Amsterdam Bill May 21
Poll done for Dutch Social Cultural Planning Office asked NL voters what they would vote in case of referendum. Outcome: 82% 11% Food for thought for anti-EU Wilders&Baudet and others who complain that "Brussels" dictates too much.
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Graham Clark 20h
Disappointing news from the Netherlands, where an exit poll suggests the pro- Forum for Democracy, which hopes to sit with any British Conservatives elected to the European Parliament, has come fourth with just 11% of the votes and 3 seats
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Sander Faas May 23
"People feel completely betrayed, they feel abandoned, they feel even hated and despised by the political class and also by the media" - "It feels like a grass-roots political revolution on the streets of Britain right now."
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marianne 9h
release the kraken .. Alles heeft met elkaar te maken ..Ep. 987 It’s Go Time! The Dan Bongino Show 5/24/2019. via
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MedRaSt May 23
Replying to @geertwilderspvv
And after etc. a confederation of European states!
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Martijn Coenen 13h
Exit polls show the Dutch have voted against a , with pro-Europe parties on the winning end for these European elections.
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Leap of Faithhh ᑎᒻ May 23
Drugtests are increasingly used for common workers the Netherlands though not permitted by law. Yet the most important man in the most important institution of the EU is too drunk to walk or stand and is held upright by lawmakers.
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