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Jim Hoft 18 May 17
Stunning! who blamed Chicago rally riot on -- talking leftist violence on
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DFW Independent 12 Nov 17
Replying to @ChrisRBarron
Being a , I'm free to think for myself and not worship at the altar of a reality TV scrotum dipped in cheeto dust.
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rogsonl 20 May 17
Replying to @FoxNews
Not even a VP candidate is good enough, if he isn't a rabbid .
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SFWhite✝🇺🇸 Nov 15
You are KIDDING!! "real time"?! "talking to each other"?! Getting your talking points directly from Dems now, huh? She wasn't on Twitter, she was TESTIFYING when Trump tweeted, how could she know Trump tweeted anything til Schiff read his tweet to her? You're a !
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🗽 Freedom Defender 27 Sep 18
He came to his senses like I did as a former . I guess you're wondering what happened to him because he, like every other sane person is not buying your dirty liberal political BS.
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Brad Johnson 17 Oct 18
Replying to @EsotericCD
And a
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Will BearanyBurdenPayanyPrice Dec 19
just out of my Twitter gel all because I am a conservative who was a who saw the results, who saw our president putting and pledge to vote for his re-election... Liberals will stop at nothing to silence us
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Tango Lima 17 Jan 19
Replying to @benshapiro
He is showing leadership. It was needed. Pelosi and clan still does not accept he is president. I am sure you get that as a
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diamondcards1 17 Jul 18
Replying to @foxandfriends
Anyone who criticises that press conference must either be a member of the swamp or a . Why don’t they ask about the server??? Why don’t they question the 400 million quoted during the conference? No matter how long it takes,we must find answers to that server........
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Dwight Paulson Nov 14
and eviscerating on the couch this am. The judge was melting like he was starring in the Wizard of Oz.
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#HoLeeChit 18 Apr 18
Replying to @RadioFreeTom
I'm a mostly conservative Tom. You are wrong on this... We have the right to know who is paying for the narrative
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Brad Johnson 24 Oct 18
Things a says. Clip and Save
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Pat Patten Dec 17
Hope will think twice about giving a forum to spew his two faced reporting.
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joseph price 2 Aug 17
Maybe the DEMOCRATS & ’S have been “colluding” with Russians... via
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🌴🍍TheBaron@405🌵🌴 24 Jan 17
Martha just another Libtard who will have to move to CNN or MSLSD. js
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Steam Ship Jan 22
I'm with you, : lifelong Republican, current Independent, , voting for Biden in the Dem primary. Here in Virginia, we have open primaries, so I don't actually have to register as a Democrat to vote in the Democrat primary.
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The Depleting Friendzone Layer Jan 3
...and was a so there’s that, too!
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🇺🇸OneNationUnderGOD Jan 1
Imagine what could have done with the help of REPUBLICANS the first 2 yrs!! Thanks Paul Ryan jackass!
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DavidASirbasku Dec 26
Oh yes - I am a scum I want that lying cheating traitor out of the WH I want our Constitution obeyed - that includes the gangster Trump And I want DJT tried in an International Court for murder of Kurd men women and children
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Doc Marston, MD Dec 4
Gaetz just made every ivory-tower admit that they’re mean-spirited partisan hacks with nothing to contribute to the I would be humiliated to be a lib today. 👇👇👇👇👇👇 Gaetz explodes: You don't get to interrupt me
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