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David  Benjamin Oct 17
Judge Nap is a 100% . Sad to see. He wanted a seat. What? He’s NOT qualified. Maybe a TV Judge. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Tea Party Oct 18
So Predictable: Asshat John Kasich “With Great Sadness” Supports President Trump’s Impeachment
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David Kerr 25m
What a fool you are always on your own side with . You were trashed the same way is trashed every day and now you are a part of the mob. SAD I will never support you again
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Ezra Hack Oct 18
I believe the same thing was said about #44 and his clueless/nonexistent Syria/Foreign policy. From Cuba, Libya, Syria, Russia et al. ALL disasters. Another knee jerk reaction.
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Chrissie Keffler 1h
So now a pushes a civil war scenario. Can we isolate the crazies from all the sides so we know who can’t be counted on to participate in real solutions the old-fashioned way- Name the problem. Craft a rational solution. Proffer to voters. Vote Repeat.
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Centerplace Christian Oct 16
Seriously? You'd lose. This guy is a - anyone else see it?
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Jeremiah Severino Oct 18
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Up early tweeting your lies and propaganda. Sadly your base following blindly. The world is on to you.
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Lindsey Oct 18
I say this as a 20+ year former Republican (but admittedly, ... GOP people need to start coming out of the woodworks and decrying this President for what he is, and what is HONESTLY going on. You really can't play like it isn't happening much longer.
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Joel Bittick Oct 18
Replying to @tomiahonen
No we won’t. Republicans are just as blind and bought into as biased Dems.
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Jonathan Burris Oct 17
Replying to @DRUDGE
For the latest in news... until the app breaks yet again.
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Duster Hutson Oct 18
Hes gonna look funny with all the egg on his face in a couple months
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Derpthroat Oct 18
Replying to @justinamash
Ugh. in a zero sum election being a .
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18scoobs19 5h
and independent also wouldn't mind seeing impeachment. My African American
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Alice Oct 17
Clever how he deflected the bad news cycle of yesterday and the spotlight from Elijah Cummings today. What a slick, sneaky bastard. I despise him.
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Tim #WDE 22h
I am not at all surprised that Kasich jumps on the bandwagon.
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Chuck Woolery Oct 17
Breaking: Longtime US Democratic Congressman and Elijah Cummings from Baltimore Passes Away
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traceyerica Oct 17
Replying to @BBCBreaking
What a money grabbing self enriching man !
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Annette Teijeiro 16h
Who're you trying to deceive ? Surely not Americans who know you're such a huge RINO that you refused to attend our Ohio 2016 RNC Convention as Ohio Governor where . won! . . .
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Mosaic Theory Wires 23h
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𝗥𝗼𝗻 𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗸𝘀 Oct 19
Replying to @RadioFreeTom
Serious question for you and other advice dispensers: wouldn’t it be more effective for you to be lobbying Repub Senators to do the right thing & stand up to the President now? Or have you given up on them entirely?
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